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  1. Pheonex

    Beauty Tips

    Here's mine. YouTube - Aspirin Mask I tried it, it's amazing. And just watching this person in general. so does anybody have any beauty tips. Do it yourself type of things? Reviews and critisims for certain products? A site or channel to go to? Or even just tips for someone who wants too look...
  2. Pheonex

    I know nobody probably cares...

    But I'm back. :D I haven't been here in what seems like forever to me. I haven't been on because my virus slert went crazy everytime I got on, and my mom didn't want me getting on here until that stopped. And my first year of high school has been one hell of a year. So I'm happy and more...
  3. Pheonex

    Tips on Kissing

    YouTube - How to Kiss: Gradual Practice Tips That's the anwser to all of your kissing tip needs
  4. Pheonex

    Shoe designs

    http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/9517/danielles007.jpg http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/2210/danielles005.jpg http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/6605/danielles006.jpg Opinions? Suggestions? Advice? Put-downs?
  5. Pheonex

    Yeah, I drew on shoes...

    http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/9517/danielles007.jpg http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/2210/danielles005.jpg http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/6605/danielles006.jpg Opinions? Suggestions? Advice? Put-downs?
  6. Pheonex


    Okay I looked for a thread on this and couldn't find one, so don't hate me if there is already one. Has anyone seen this play? It's the best play that ever existed, and I recommend it for anyone who has interest in the theatre
  7. Pheonex

    The Fanclub of keybladelegacy!!! <3

    :heart:The Official FC of KBL!!!:heart: An awesome friend, member, and Mickey-lover! I finally got permission from him to put this up, and I'm not holding back! Let me know if you want to join!:love: The King himself: keybladelegacy Members: Pheonex_Xion(Founder) Ringleader Man Palmer...
  8. Pheonex

    Help/Support ► Need help with a speech...

    Just found out I'm 8th grade valedictorian(ughhhhh) and I have to write a stupid speech to read in front of hundereds of people. Anybody have any ideas what I can talk about or any speeching tips? Thanks
  9. Pheonex

    Two Namines

    Okay, that is one part of the game that confused me. After Sora defeats the Darkside on DI he's confronted by TWO Namines, one which turns into Kairi. At first I thought one of them was Kairi's heart trying to contact Sora but Sora could only see Namine because he didn't remember Kairi. But both...
  10. Pheonex

    Who did you have the most fun fighting?

    So how 'bout it? Personally, I enjoyed takin out 1,000 heartless at Hallow Bastion during the war. Seeing all ofm them go down gave me a nice sense of accomplishment.:E That and fighting Axel for the last time in Roxas mode because Roxas had a lot of awesome moves.:P
  11. Pheonex

    what kind of Heartless would you wanna be?

    Sorry if something has been posted like this before, but I just kinda wanted to take the stress off of things.;PI'll start; I'd want to be a neoshadow cause they're like super strong and fast shadows. And they're just awesome.:E
  12. Pheonex

    KH2 manga

    Okay, I have a question. Is it true that they might not publish anymore of the KH2 magnas in America? I heard that they are having so many troubles that they might just drop it. Does anyone have any info on it, cause i was really looking forward to the last two. Thank you.:)
  13. Pheonex

    Why would you think that?

    I heard a couple of places that people think that Aqua and Ven are Sora's parents, and that's why Roxas looks a lot like Ven. Has anybody else heard that? and if you have, why would you think that? Just curious where the heck that theory came from.
  14. Pheonex

    My Xion theory

    ok, so here's my theory on Xion. and if you disagree with me, then tell me what you think, but don't get all up in my face because you think you know everything. so i was thinking that xion isn't even a nobody at all. she could be a completely new character that's going under cover and is trying...