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  1. Noir

    Concrete Genie

    "Life is tough for young Ash – isolated and bullied, it’s only in the discovery that he can bring his paintings to life that things become so much… brighter. And with the small fishing town of Denska now polluted and abandoned, only Ash has the power to cleanse the streets and alleyways with...
  2. Noir

    Vacation Destinations

    With summer upon us, we've entered prime vacationing time. Figured it would be nice to discuss whereabouts we've embarked to, be it somewhere close by or somewhere abroad. Personally, I've not been abroad in about 5 years. Last place I vacationed to was Bangkok in Thailand. Aside from that...
  3. Noir

    Minigames Discussion

    Minigames have been a staple for many video games over the years - all ranging from the fun time-sinks to the longest dredges of frustration and boredom. Personally, I sometimes feel that minigames can put me off a game if the video game starts integrating them with the main plot of a video...
  4. Noir

    Level-5 Games Discussion

    One of the video game companies I've been exploring recently is Japanese Developer, Level-5. Level-5 are a company that have created some pretty prominent video games in the industry, such as the popular JRPG 'Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch' and the puzzle series, 'Professor Layton'...
  5. Noir

    What Games would you like to see remade for Current Gen Consoles?

    What Games, if any, would you like to see remade for modern gaming devices, such as the PS4 or XBO? With the Crash Remakes coming out in the Summer, I've come to look forward to it, and wonder if other remakes that could come out. I'd truly love a Spyro PS1 remake of a similar vein.
  6. Noir

    Final Fantasy characters you would like in Kingdom Hearts III

    Well, as it says on the tin, is there any Final Fantasy characters you would like to see in Kingdom Hearts III. Naturally, we've had a few different ones, but that's mostly been between Final Fantasy VII-X (with the exception of Setzer from VI, I think? I don't know if there has been anyone...
  7. Noir

    Special/Collector Editions

    Since there's a lot of video game fans here, I thought it might be neat to discuss special editions of games that we may have gathered over the years, and what we think of them in general. I've seen a lot of companies make lots of Special Editions with tons of goodies that seem pretty awesome...
  8. Noir

    Christmas Wishlists 2016

    What's on your wishlist for 2016 this Christmas? What are things you'd like or are expecting to get. Felt we could have a thread to discuss it here. I'm personally just getting video games this year. It's been years since I got any for christmas, but I figured why not this year.
  9. Noir

    Post the best Christmas Songs here

    YNjx3vJevmQ Just do it you grinch nerds, or Christmas is cancelled.
  10. Noir

    Help/Support ► I got fired today

    Not really looking for support. Just a rant. I got fired from my job today. Was told there was too many staff and was let go. Didn't really get why. Manager says I can work my shift next week but won't be renewed. Don't plan to go in tbh. First permanent job and lost within three months ...
  11. Noir

    Film ► Last Movie seen at Cinema

    I'm sure a lot of members here at movie buffs, and I'm certain quite a lot of people are frequent goers to the cinema. So I figured maybe a topic could be made for the big screen. Personally, the last movie I saw in the cinema was Doctor Strange a few weeks ago. Tomorrow I'm going out to go...
  12. Noir

    Favourite Games of 2016

    Since we're drawing closer to the end of the year, I figured we could take some time to discuss some of the hits that struck a chord with us this year. Personally for me, Downfall was a hidden gem for me this year. Having played the predecessor, The Cat Lady, it was pretty clear this wasn't...
  13. Noir


    I wasn't too sure if there was a topic on this (The search function doesn't seem to turn up anything I search for now), so I figured I'd make a topic to discuss any languages some of us might speak. I know most of us will speak English to some sort of standard, but I was wondering if there are...
  14. Noir

    Halloween Costumes

    I know we're still about 9 days away from Halloween, but tonight I have an early party, so I'll be dressing up. Figured we could have a thread to show our costumes if anyone is dressing up this year. I was running low on costume ideas (Already went as Rick Sanchez last year) but this year, I...
  15. Noir

    World of Warcraft: Legion

    I could have sworn there was a topic for this, but I haven't been able to find one at all. Oh well. Has anyone else been playing the new expansion for Warcraft? Got any views on it? This is the first expansion since Wrath of the Lich King I've actually bought. I'm honestly loving it, I'm just...
  16. Noir

    I'm back. Again.

    Hey all who it entails, I'm an old member dropping back here after a while. I initially joined here a good few years ago - 2008, I believe. I'm sure the little section to the left will confirm this or prove me to be the fraud that I am. I was here for a while before I left for a bit. I actually...
  17. Noir

    Oh Ick

    Hey all. I picked up my copy of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 on Friday, and I was reminded of this place. So I figured I'd jump back and check things out. I think the last time I was here was about two or so years ago. And I have absolutely no doubt that nobody will remember me. So we should just treat...
  18. Noir

    God hates Scotland

    GOD HATES SCOTLAND ! - The Landover Baptist Church Forums Because Scotland isn't hell already.
  19. Noir

    The Agren appreciation thread

    About a month ago, a certain member came and brought joy to the site and spread happiness. He ended all flames and he ended all the hate. This young man brought forth a joy that had never been found anywhere else in the world. This person is Agren. Agren came to us back in November, and showed...
  20. Noir

    Lucky escape

    Well, this bitch got lucky this time.... ePfCWVoLVOA&feature=fvhl&hd=1 Now wouldn't it be hilarious to see her get hit?