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  • ohhh haha, well boo that's not interesting. not like the last time the forum got hacked hem hem
    Now that I finally have some time, I'm going to respond properly.

    Thank you for your response to my letter. Thank you also just for reading the letter I wrote you, that enough makes me happy, but reading what you wrote about me... I can't thank you enough. Zul, it was so sweet and I really cried when I saw it, especially since you found a way to get it to me even though we couldn't directly message each other for a while. I'm just so glad I have friends like you guys, and I'm sorry if it feels like I get on too rarely now, I try, I really do. I love you guys so much, you're all so kind and you help me see things in myself I couldn't see otherwise. You guys are amazing.

    Also, HA! That's what you get for going overkill on my poor sweet Caterpie! :p
    Bless you, Leslie. <3
    btw man, what's going on with the reply/comment fields? i haven't noticed it as much because i haven't been using VMs but man are they hurting my eyes lol. Text is light grey and the background is white. Maybe they updated vbulletin or is this some new skin? orrr maybe it's just on the clown college theme (which ironically i use because it's easier on my eyes lol).
    No, no you are not a horrible person at all! Don't say that!

    I don't blame you for forgetting, I've been terribly inactive here for a while. I've been so buried in schoolwork, I could never have time to log on here and talk to my friend. I am even now busy studying for two huge tests tomorrow and a test Friday, after my standardized 3-hour test today! I can never seem to find time to talk to you guys, as much as I miss everyone dearly.

    However, I happened to see you were on tonight and I just had to say hello. I wanted to at least greet you and welcome you back and congratulate you for overcoming your issue.

    I won't be able to say much, I have to go and get back to the books. But I'm happy to see you back, Zul, I love you. <3

    Zul are you back welcome back I missed you~
    because asuka is way cooler than rei will ever be
    and yeah, the budget on the rebuild is pretty sky high

    18........... toji?
    yeah... it did kind of weird me out lol...

    context is our friend though lol

    what a weird line...
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