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  • We'll find out. The director is purportedly, how we say, sensitive to the needs of certain man-loving demographics.

    What I'm saying is she's supposed to be a massive fujoshi `3`

    Honestly, I'm super happy with this season overall. I have so little to actually rant about.
    Nice! I never got into lotr, for the longest time i was like, "gonna read the books then see the movies" but NOPE.

    i'm getting down to crunch time. finals end the 14th, but meanwhile i'm swamped up the butt with papers WOO
    Oh man reading anything good?

    I saw a bootleg of PotC4 like a couple months after it came out. It just... bored me to tears. In some weird way, I even like AWE better. The third was technically a worse movie script-wise and had so many more easily identifiable flaws, but it at least retained a semblance of entertainment. It was exciting even if none of the character motivations meant anything lol. But the 4th? Just so... by-the-book, very tame. Nothing stood out. And Blackbeard just seemed like an amalgam of random abilities that they threw in to try to be cool, they should have just stuck with one theme. At least they got that right with Davey Jones.

    And yeah, when the love story is so bad that it makes you miss Will and Elizabeth... you know it's BAD lol.

    it's out in theaters in japan. it has been since like, the 18th of november. BUT THERE ISN'T EVEN A FULL CAMRIP YET.

    i told you, you'll never read more books.
    Well, to be fair, Oniai is technically worse than quite a few of the shows that I put below it.

    But a guilty pleasure is a guilty pleasure, so what can you do `3`

    Anyway, the comedy in Ixion Saga DT is a full-on parody of MMOs, their players, and their content. As someone who never really got deep into any MMO, the humour didn't hit home. But for someone more invested in the genre, it might prove more entertaining.
    The main reason is that any manga that gets made alongside/around the same time as an anime adaptation (or original anime) is usually just a quick marketing ploy/cash grab. Every now and then you get on that isn't all that bad (Eureka 7), but the those are few and extremely far between.
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