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  • Ah, by the way, entering ディシディア タクティクス into the search bar will get the DFFTactics image.
    As for the kindergarten one, I'm still testing it ^^
    Actually, the two pics I had in my sig recently I found through someone's livejournal: wheatcakes

    I'm straight, I'm female, and I still don't want to see them D:
    I've come to the conclusion that searching through Pixiv and finding a page without gender transformations or yaoi is near impossible.
    Inorite? D:

    Pixiv... actually freaks me out more often than not (the imaginations of Japanese fangirls is really something to be feared), but man, when they bring it, they bring it.
    If that's what you think...

    I don't think you eat drums, I think you are covered in red hair.
    Here's the performance I was talking about.
    Part 1
    YouTube - Symphonic Fantasies - Kingdom Hearts medley part 1/2
    Part 2
    YouTube - Symphonic Fantasies - Kingdom Hearts medley part 2/2
    The whole idea of MGS4 in and of itself being a game to answer questions Kojima himself never intended to answer wasn't bad. The disappointment of the game wasn't even that he answered questions but that he did it so poorly and concluded the series with a retarded monologue by Big Boss. A character who is supposed to be dead (burnt to death by Solid Snake) but is somehow alive and looking healthier than Snake himself. Not to mention the retcons that were thrown in and the terrible presentation of the theme SENSE (which ironically the game itself doesn't make any).

    Speaking of Snake. The character jump from his MGS2 self to how he is MGS4 doesn't make sense. In MGS2 we have a philosophical Snake who has a clear goal in his life. In MGS4 his personality does sort of a 360 and he's more like he is in MGS1, except that he's more quiet and let's the people around him talk more. It's a rather disappointing and unrealistic change in his character. I'll say though, for him to sound as legendary as he did in MGS2 is something that cannot be done if he's the main character and probably a reason why he seems less than stellar in MGS4.

    Gameplay design itself was poorly done. Not going to deny that the Octocamo was an incredible piece of technology but it just makes things all too easy. The gameplay ends up being boring, all you do in the game is go from point A to point B. Literally, aside from following the resistance member in Act 3 (which was boring btw) and the boss fights, you did nothing but go from one point to another to trigger a cutscene. Unlike MGS1 where you changed the key's shape with temperature and MGS2 where you go hunting for bombs to freeze.

    Those are some very basic reasons why some of us dislike MGS4. I'd just like to point out that when I criticize the game(s), it's not done in order to make people hate the game. It's done in order to open people's eyes and realize that there are flaws in them. It's fine if you still like the game, as long as you realize it's not all that great from an objective standpoint.

    And for a game that supposedly wraps up the series "pretty well", it has more games being developed. I wouldn't mind more games, as long as they're no longer related to the current storyline. 50 years into the future would be a good start or just a straight up reboot.
    Yes. In fact, MGS4 is considered to be the worst of all the series. We generally like MGS2 and consider it to be the best, if not one of the best.

    Wrote this here because I didn't want to get off-topic in the thread.
    its okay ;w; i was overdefensive at the time! you can understand right =w=;;

    adorable wombat. you're wonderful!
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