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  • I kind of know how you feel, but I guess the RP keeps me around.

    I haven't played Dragon Age in ages (ha). I haven't really been keeping up with it, but I still see so much talk about it that I might pick it up again sometime.
    I guess I sort of just linger, too. I mostly just chat with a few folks and only really look at the threads I'm actively following.

    I hope things are going better now?


    I've only known you for a short time, but I hope all of your birthday wishes come true. I've had a few fun conversations with you about Madoka Magica, Naruto, and video games. I hope you have a good birthday, can keep accomplishing your goals, and have fun being a year older now. :D

    We are trying to prevent spoilers from showing up in any activity stream, so posts tha discuss the new episode must be buffered with non-spoiler text or spam.
    I'm really glad to hear that, and I wish you all the best with it!!

    Oh wow. I congratulate you heartily on making it through! Even just doing the novels felt like it took fifty years off my life haha.

    It's interesting which flaws stood out to you! Especially Roxas' character... as a huuuge Roxas fan, I always knew that my feelings about that would be biased. It's good to know you thought he was just as idiotic! And I also agree that Xion wasn't as bad in the beginning. I think it's because in the beginning, there was still a few plots that didn't revolve around her, namely Roxas himself feeling the effects of what Namine was doing to Sora at CO, and Axel having left for CO. But I think once Axel comes back from CO it's the start of the Black Hole of Xion Arcs and everything goes downhill from there. Well, that's what I think anyway!

    And YES I've said all along, it's the weird lazy characterisations they gave Luxord and Demyx that's the insult. As the game stands, they do have definable traits etc, but instead of giving them depth or relevance it was just 'Luxord will make gambling puns and Demyx is lazy!' and they left it at that, cardboard cutouts of characters. But even despite that, Luxord was the highlight of the entire game for my brother, he would get so excited whenever he and Luxord had missions together haha.

    I also hate the zip slasher ;__; I couldn't beat it... had to get my brother to do it hahaha
    Yeah, I can see that getting to you. Vanilla WoW was... well, by today's standards, nearly unplayable. You can appreciate how much fun you had then, but it's idiotic to say that it's better just because you enjoyed it back then.

    As for KHI, though, I think which time period has been best can only be left up to debate. Because really, when it comes to forums it's a bit harder to figure out where to draw the line between nostalgia and legitimate criticism. At least, I think so.
    Harsh, man. These vibes I'm gettin' here, man. Criminal. Fucking criminal, yo.
    90 minutes? I take 30, and people tell me I'm taking too long. That sucks, dude.

    Not into which part? The nostalgia, the month, or the whole package?
    Well, that seems... detrimental. I've actually been dealing with some mental problems of my own, lately, so I feel you. Hope you manage to wash your hands one day, man.

    Not going back to Zulkir for the month, I see.
    man wtg is the best man wtg is the fucking best

    Yeah, I know. I was kidding around, you know!
    So, while we're talking, how've you been?
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