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  • lol xD
    I've made a few more Dissidia ones besides Onion Knight though~

    Same here. Though you can throw the FFTactics one in there as well for me, even if they are extinct.
    Oh it's quite alright old chap, didn't mean any offense D8

    I was more going 'Oh [my] God' and not trying to proclaim you as one. But you have won an Internet for those piccys. :3
    Well, a lot of people don't have a science curicullum and therefore not sufficient mathematics.
    Thanks, good to see others notice. Most people wouldn't see it anyway.
    He made me an account but I'm a little bit afraid to play, I've never played an mmo before... except runescape when I was like 13 years old.

    Ok! But MSN makes my computer lag like a bitch and frustrates me. I've been using google chat instead, it doesn't give me problems (so far lol). How about you download that~?
    ah nu! that sucks...

    msn keeps buggering up my computer anyway, so i've been using google chat instead. it's muuuuch easier and lighter :D


    hey do you know LOL? my brother plays that...
    Our clubbing club is off the hook

    BUT you have no idea how many times i get called goldplanner. there was a time that searching the forums for goldplanner came up with more hits (inside posts) than goldpanner

    grass even said he thought that was my name for a year :<
    haha <3

    and of course you pick the time to pop up, when i'm about to go to bed

    I play MGS for the story (or maybe I should say used to), not to feel like I'm a "badass" mercenary. I tend to scoff at people complaining about Raiden in MGS2 because of this. Their complaints are usually funny considering that Raiden is a representation of the player. Only thing is that Raiden grew out of his "whiny", rookie mentality whereas most players didn't. At least he did in that game. MGS4 basically pisses all over his character development of MGS2.

    The problem with this is that people don't realize it was all part of MGS2's themes. Kojima had hoped that his audience would be smart enough to figure it out and not focus too much on the ending and it's questions. He himself said that he never planned on answering the questions that arose in MGS2 until he started receiving death threats. This was most likely a reason the answers in MGS4 are poorly done because it was never his intention to create the 4th game. I would've preferred the "cliffhanger" ending over a sequel that "wraps up" the series pretty horribly. Even then, like I mentioned before, it all seems moot as more games are being developed unnecessarily. Further complicating the storyline with retcons, new events, etc.

    Being that MGS2 is a postmodern game, I felt that ending was good enough. I wouldn't have minded a sequel but as long as it wasn't a complete fanservice game like MGS4 was where "all" the questions were answered. Part of what is great about MGS2 is that it's theme hinges on the idea that it is a video game. Like I said, people seem to focus too much on two things to really pay attention to the themes:

    1. Playing as Raiden
    2. Unanswered questions

    I still don't know why people obsess themselves so much over that.

    Except that it isn't. What was so great about his death in MG2 was that it was ironic. Here we have the "greatest soldier of the 20th century" and he gets killed by his son with aerosol spray can and a lighter. It was fitting for a man who fell down from a hero to a egotistical, selfish, tyrannical bastard. Don't get me wrong, I loved Big Boss as a villain. If anything, he was my favorite character before MGS3.

    In regards to Snake aging. I preferred it that way but only because I can't imagine people not wanting to play as him again if Kojima hadn't done it that way.
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