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    Im Back

    Hello everybody im back from my rest lol Last visited : 10 feb 06 well i have heard about the new games that are comin really cool well just nice to be back here i guess LOADS of new members have registered and i wanna know u all lol well see ya and sorry for posting it in the wrong...
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    Back at the road again lol

    Hey ! im back at the forums again lol ( not really big news ) but i went to canada and came home not long ago lol so i see KH2 came to europe :P i saw it in the store well wateva u KH nerds =D lol just kidding anyways nice to see you guys again lol and new members aswell =):nahnah: have fun !
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    Yes!!!!! I Finaly Beat It!!!!!!!!

    i was so happy when i got chain of memories that i played all day long and i beat it in 8 hours :p
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    Well.....its time to say goodbye.....the point is that im leaving...nobody likes me here anyway there is always something with me thats wrong for example the thing with enchanted rose.....well everybody hates me here so what am i to do...:( well take care everyone....grow up and be nice...
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    Haha !

    look at this video....:p http://youtube.com/watch?v=SSMF5zogs1c&search=kingdom%20hearts%202%20voices
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    Riku's arm

    if it was important it would be in the game ~~closed~~ nah jk
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    Kingdom Hearts II 3rd Xemnas battle landing point?

    whoa nice find i didnt know but is he....is he standing in the AIR ?
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    anyone got this scene for download?

    go to youtube and search maverick22x and u will find it :)
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    Kh2 european release date

    yeah I posted it lol :D ( damn u 25 letters )
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    KH2 europpean release date !!

    yeah august is Q3 :D and the one of u who called ebgames or something i wouldnt trust them....
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    KH2 europpean release date !!

    NO people it is real www.kh-vids.net they have it and it is true there was a press conference at SE arrrgh people wont believe me and it IS true :mad:
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    KH2 europpean release date !!

    no its Q3 the third quartal just look at the damn page :)
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    KH2 europpean release date !!

    look at this it says Q3 also next month :) source : http://www.gamespot.com/news/2006/05/19/news_6151568.html?part=rss&tag=gs_&subj=6151568
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    what is this ?? lol

    http://www.gamestop.com/common/images/lbox/802275b.jpg im gonna buy it..it looks like its special codes for kh2 :p
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    axel !! please help

    hey i was just wondering if anyone could give me some axel pics like when u see his face or see him from the front just gimme lots of axel pics please hehe :) Thanks :) Zora......