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  • Hi.... How are you? I just did a oneshot (sp?) with Kiba from Naruto... I think there's like... 2 swear words?... I made it really low... but I should go to bed...2:47 am...I need to stop doing this... but all my ideas come to me at 12! AGH!... LoL! Night!
    Ya....But I've only said God's name in vain once...when my sister did somthing stupid and she called me then I said it then I had to kick some butt....that was fun...never tell a girl who's been fighting since she was young ( with cousins who are 3x bigger than her) that she's weak ...but I always say somthing like the taco man or the waffel man...LoL!
    Ummm....You're a christian right?...Well so am I... But my mouth says differently...and so does my 'sister's' mouth....Try spending waaaaay to much time with country boy cousins...then it's hard to not stop...so sorry! But it's on Fanfiction.net...Crescent Wolf B. is the name....But I'm gonna go look at yours! YaY! Ok...I'll try to start working on the New Moon story again...LoL!
    Ya...I gave up on the stories that were on my phone... but I'm making a Naruto fic with my friend! Even though she's not doing any typing....or very much thinking... but in 3 days I've managed to get 2 chapts done...the first chapt is short but the second one is like 1,5-somthing... but I'm thinking so hard for the third one I think my brains are gonna go...BOOM! Cuz I'm also writing a fictional story for school...and it's waaaaay easier to write a fanfic then my own.... *sigh*... But how are you!? Good I hope!
    LoL! Me to! But that's cool! I just put a oneshot up to make up for the stories that are half done on my cell phone yet I still can't seem to type them... But you can look at it if you want...I need to go to bed...It's 4:33 am over here...So good morning!...?
    Since you were a fan of my fanfic, I guess it wouldn't be much harm reviewing the Dawn of The New Key
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