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    Betrayal of the Apprentices/Organization XIII(Spoilers)

    I thought it would just be....basicly the heirarchy of the apprentices. Braig seemed to be the number one guy, he wasn't paired off like the other four. Dilan was the top gaurd, Even was the top scientist, Aeleus and Ienzo were second in their position. Thats just what I thought, if it didn't...
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    At first, we gave Xehanort the title of KH's main villian

    So...you're suggesting Braig is the true villian here? just kidding, although he did set things into action. XD
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    What if Vanitas is Master Eraqus?

    nope a bit too short, and kidish... y'know?
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    Why Vanitas Might Be a Ven Replica

    failed attempt.... mrrrgh play days.
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    Why Vanitas Might Be a Ven Replica

    any reason why? or do you just...not think it true? (I have some reservations about the replica theory myself XD) I think replicas are a possiblilty but unlikely..... -just because...they were made to obtain the keyblade for the organization. That is the purpose of the only replicas we have...
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    Why Vanitas Might Be a Ven Replica

    Heartless were non existant at that time....thus making nobodies impossible.
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    Why Vanitas Might Be a Ven Replica

    That would make sence! but then why does he resemble riku so much, or why is he voiced by sora's VA?
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    Why Vanitas Might Be a Ven Replica

    I dunno how much I buy into this theory...but I do think you are onto something with the absorbtion. Riku Rep sencerely believed he could become whole by absorbing Zexion/draining his life force Xion unknowingly started draining Roxas's life force....and then by the end intended to make...
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    Vanitus and riku connection

    True, but I mean, you could use the same logic to proove Riku. -same outfit: Fact -Same battle stance: fact -same rivalry with the "sora character": fact -same apprentice-ship type deal to a man whose real name is xehanort: fact -similar keyblades: fact y'know?
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    Terra and Lingering Sentiment Connection?

    but...like you said...he never touches Riku. In that one...after Riku hands off his keyblade, and they like...put their hands ontop of one another, there is like, a visual light given off, just a little spark. but yeah...nevermind XD I... am totally wrong on this one.
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    Terra and Lingering Sentiment Connection?

    Wait...when riku reached out his hand in the ocean...or YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 2 Gameplay Xemnas Battle Scene Reflect the Light 1:29 (sorry about the quality) That's what I thought he was talking about.
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    Ven in the Poapu Tree

    Ven becomes the paupu fruit. tell no one. but seriously, I think he is just there because Aqua or someone took him there after the battle with MX to keep warm, cause he was FROZE'D
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    Everything is born from sleep.

    The PODS :D I love the pods. So....I'm unclear on what you're trying to say. Are you trying to say that every sleep doesn't automatically mean birth? or the other way around. lets see if I can make those senarios into births...?: -Sora is born as the one who can connect to everyone's heart...
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    Vanitus and riku connection

    Once again....true...true. but he never said that they were named similarly to be....interchangeable. I think he just wanted to make it clear that they were eachothers rivals. IMO. y'know? And when has this happened in "this universe" besides the Ansems, that you could call it rare? and...