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  • ehh you got of before i could say bye! come back on later please......... :O
    Well seeing as the main system i have is a Wii..i usually just play Mario Kart or Brawl... and the occasional Link... :)
    I am very good at like fighting games and racing..and games like KH...though games like Harvest Moon and Sims...I've never seem to know what to do... :/
    cause i am usually really good at many games i play...but there is always those i can't seem to beat...XD
    from what i've seen..the game look somewhat challenging.. no easiness I'm guessing.. XD
    well that sucks...that's never fun.... :p so what's up?? you spoiling yourself on BbS?? :D
    But now a new organization has formed within the dark realm? The heartless of organization 13 have rediscovered each other and reformed organization 13 under two new leaders. And it?s up to the children yet again to save the worlds. 17 years have passed since the fall of Xehanort.

    Template draft:
    Name: (Must share the last name as the parents)
    Age: (15-19 yrs old for new characters, 35-45 for Canons from the old RP)
    Weapon: (for Org 13 members use weapons similar to their nobody or BBS counterparts)
    Physical description: (A picture or a well worded paragraph will work; Children of the keybladers must have one similarity to their parents)
    Personality: (Basic behaviours, three well worded sentences or a small paragraph)
    History: (One mid-sized paragraph or four to six sentences or more)
    Parents: (Only required for keybladers, if you want a keyblade use the list of parents below)
    Heartless of: (Only for Org 13 of heartless templates Who is the ?somebody? of your heartless character)
    Nobody of: (Only for nobody templates, same concept as the above quote)
    Abilities: (special attacks, Magic Also highlight the starting abilities in bold or underline)

    Parents list:

    Worlds list:
    Twilight town
    Destiny islands (Starting point for keybladers)
    The dark realm (Starting point for Org XI members)
    Radiant garden (Starting point for non-keyblader Characters and keybladers)
    The world that never was
    Halloween town
    The place of gathering
    The stations of Calling, Serenity, and Sleep,
    Traverse town
    Port Royal
    Pride lands
    Olympus coliseum
    Deep space
    Castle oblivion

    Rules of the RP:
    <LI itxtvisited="1">You can only power play while in a serious battle (Like facing a dark side and such) <LI itxtvisited="1">No god-modding what so ever <LI itxtvisited="1">Keyblader parents can only have 3 kids, <LI itxtvisited="1">Romance is allowed but any 18+ stuff must be spoiler tagged <LI itxtvisited="1">You can have a maximum total of five characters
    Most of all have fun!!!!
    My templates:

    Name: Ray ?Lion? Leonhart
    Age: 17
    Weapon: A black Sleeping lion Keyblade
    Physical description:
    Ray is the spitting image of his Grandfather except he has his mother?s red hair; He usually wears a black T-shirt, a silver necklace with his Family?s symbol as the charm, a red jacket and his grandfather?s old jeans with a belt of red and black. His shoes are black with red streaks and his eyes are crystal blue. His hair is styled mostly like his father?s, only just a bit longer.
    Personality: Quite bold like his grandfather but also reserved. He knows when he has to fight or not, and when people don?t deserve to fight him. He?s also smart and can be pretty prideful of his skills and abilities, and that tends to be his weakness. But he knows to protect anyone in need even if it?s an enemy. But he does have a significant amount of darkness in his heart due to him holding a grudge against bullies and hate towards enemies.
    History: Born in Radiant Garden, He was a nice kid most of the time and was a pushover. Most of the kids picked on him until he got his Keyblade at 15, and then his family moved to his mother?s home world of destiny islands. It was peaceful but Ray wanted at least some more action. He sparred with his dad when he was bored and he had alot of fun fighting him. Every time his dad knocked him on his butt, they always laughed.
    Parents: Ketsueki and Tsuki

    Rantetken: A reduced version of Rantetsuken, he does a unstoppable line of attacks and then if he lands each blow he does a finishing move that?s alot like sonic blade and dashes through his opponent with fire erupting from his Keyblade.

    Shadow Fireblaze: a technique he developed himself, He?s able to call to the darkness in his heart and create a black fire ball to shoot at an enemy or he can slather the fire on his Keyblade to deal more damage.

    Glide: When he jumps he can guide the air currents around him to help him glide over a distance.

    Dark Corridor: in order to do this Ray must focus on two things, the darkness in his heart and a place he wants to go. A dark portal appears before him leading to that place.

    Dark Rantetken: First he uses Shadow Fireblaze on his Keyblade then the darkness in his heart grows and he Controls it and performs Rantetken, Dealing alot of damage in a short combo, and the finishing move is alot different than Rantetken?s final strike, the black fire transfers to the front of sleeping lion and he shoots off a large Black fire ball at the enemy.

    Template 2:
    Name: Renn
    Age: looks like he?s 36
    Weapon: Mostly his magical abilities
    Physical description:
    His hair is mostly brown with black streaks and he has a scar through his chest, symbolizing that he probably died before this happened, but he wears a black t-shirt over it and he has a black jacket and black jeans. His skin is pale and his eyes are blood red. He also wears black shoes, but the only thing that?s not black is a red cloak he wears from his neck down.
    Personality: He?s simply trying to find his place in the world but his rage can be unstoppable, He also has a strong belief that darkness will prevail over the light and he will eventually rule the world with the power of kingdom hearts[IMG].
    History: He was born in the dark realm as he was, but so many years have passed and he hasn?t aged a day. His ?birthplace? was a black castle in the realm of darkness. He doesn?t remember anything except his name and that he?s a heartless.
    Heartless of: Reon Bronsky

    Dark blade: He can summon a blade of darkness to throw at his enemies or engage in close range combat.

    Dark beam: He can send orbs or a small beam of darkness to damage his enemies. The beam is the size of his finger.

    Levitate: He can levitate in the air to move away from attacks.

    Pure darkness: He can eliminate any source of light from a room depending on how much is there or how big the room is.

    Dark shield: He can create a shield of darkness and can be used to block weapons of any kind.

    Dark blast: A more potent form of dark beam, he can form a dark fireball or can create larger dark orbs, and can shoot a blast of darkness the size of his hand.

    Pure dark power: Renn?s ultimate attack, a black aura forms around him and he sends beams of darkness out of the ground, knocking his enemy into the air and he does a combo of attacks with dark blade and finishes them off with a final Dark blast.

    Template 3:

    Name: Rexno

    Age: appears to be 17

    Weapon: Silent Enigma:
    A keyblade similar to Terra?s keyblade only instead of browns and golds, its grey and silver. It?s an exact copy of it except for its color scheme.

    Appearance: His hair is down to his neck when he has his helmet off. He mostly wears armor all the time and his color scheme for his armor is like that of his keyblade: Silver and grey. And the design of his armor is like that of Terra?s armor.

    History: Born in a white room in the world that never was, the memories of his past life flashed before him and he found out that his name was Rexno.
    He realized that his purpose was to become whole again.
    Nobody of: Reon Bronsky

    He shares all of the abilities of his past life so he?s exactly the same as Reon when it comes to abilities.

    Character?s list:

    Maderax- Silentrinity
    Rexno- Shinra X-2
    Valex- ThePromise

    Organization 13 (Heartless):
    <LI itxtvisited="1">Obito- Silentrinity <LI itxtvisited="1">Renn- Shinra X-2 <LI itxtvisited="1">Braig?s (Xigbar) Heartless (NPC) <LI itxtvisited="1">Dilan?s (Xaldin) Heartless (NPC) <LI itxtvisited="1">Even?s (Vexen) Heartless (NPC) <LI itxtvisited="1">(Zexion) Ienzo- kingdomkeylight <LI itxtvisited="1">Aeleus?(Lexeaus) Heartless( NPC) <LI itxtvisited="1">Ludro(Luxord)-kingdomkeylight <LI itxtvisited="1">Isa?s (Saix) Sai- Marluxia777 <LI itxtvisited="1">Lea?s (Axel) Heartless (NPC) <LI itxtvisited="1">Emyd?s (Demyx) Heartless (NPC) <LI itxtvisited="1">(Marluxia) Lumaria- Marluxia777
    Arlene?s (Larxene) Heartless (NPC)
    Ketsueki/ Tsuki:
    1. Ray- Shinra X-2
    2. Lumina/ Arcanum[IMG] Noir
    3. Iko/ Smoofy
    1. Minoru Izumi-King Wolfe
    2. Karai Izumi -King Wolfe
    3.Reiko Izumi-Shinra X-2
    Rosoto/ Rika
    1. Vincent Nightwell/nightmarezeroX9
    2. Raido Nightwell/Chaos
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