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  • All she said was that she thought not wearing a condom was gross. You were the one to set off on her and started it all

    lulz "your people"
    yea but you cant deny that your people set that off first??? go back to it. i am right. and im not harrasssing anyone. she said a comment in the forum to get me. and your saying im the one harrassing, you make no sense
    "bible thumper" "bible thumper" "bible thumper"

    You were being an ass and still are. Stop harassing Tetsu on her profile.
    if you go back, i didnt start the name calling. i wasnt welcome because i was different then the mass, and for that i get punish. typical american
    All you did was insult everyone. You weren't welcome. Try to speak intelligently instead of being an ass.
    i still made my point. authority not with me or not. what was i to do when i have six bashers agaisnt me and my views? i thought thread was about that?? thats all i needed
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