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Recent content by Zettaflare

  1. Zettaflare

    News ► A Kingdom Hearts Disney Plus CGI series is rumored to be in the works

    Yeah but according to the description in the rumor it would be "much shorter" then the anime attached to FF7. If it's like a twelve episode season containing certain events from all games up until now that doesn't really hold my interest I'd rather have a series dedicated to one central storyline
  2. Zettaflare

    32 Plot Holes in Dream Drop Distance

    There was absolutely no reason that Kairi couldn't of taken the exam in DDD. None. Even if Yen Sid wasn't aware of her being a wielder until the very end of the game she could of insisted on going with the boys and informing the old man herself.
  3. Zettaflare

    Melody Of Memory Favorite Songs

    MoM's rendition of Dearly Beloved is simply catchy and jazzy. Probably my second favorite rendition of the song behind BBS's
  4. Zettaflare

    Your KH headcanon

    Max does exist in the Kingdom Hearts universe in some form. The reason we don't see him at Disney Castle or Disney Town is because he decided to explore the Realm of Light because he didn't want to become a knight like his father
  5. Zettaflare

    Which game had the more entertaining/ interesting Organization XIII members KH2 or Re: Chain of Memories?

    Think I'll go with CoM for entertainment value over KH2. Thankfully some of the members introduced in KH2 like Xigbar, Saix, Xemnas, and Luxord became much more engaging and interesting afterwards thanks to development.
  6. Zettaflare

    News ► A Kingdom Hearts Disney Plus CGI series is rumored to be in the works

    Combine multiple events from multiple games? So basically like the Pokemon Generations miniseries? That doesn't sound very appealing
  7. Zettaflare

    Your KH headcanon

    Well Luxu did but Braig was probably just a regular guy in the present before he was possessed. Rodin may of been referring to Braig separately
  8. Zettaflare

    Predictions for the next Kingdom Hearts Game

    More FF cameos would be nice. Maybe Cloud and Sephiroth ended up in Quadratum after they disappeared in KH2, lol I'd be genuinely surprised if the next game wasn't on the PS5 and XBox series X/S.
  9. Zettaflare

    Film ► Unpopular Disney opinions!

    John Carter while not perfect was still a pretty fun movie. And I hate that we'll never get that planned trilogy due to it bombing
  10. Zettaflare

    Predictions for the next Kingdom Hearts Game

    Think the next title will deal with Quadratum and focus on Sora, Riku, and Yozora. As for production it should be well into it if it's the announcement Nomura has planned for next year's anniversary
  11. Zettaflare

    Is anyone else concerned about how Phase 2 is going to be handled?

    Well if Disney is easing up on their restrictions thats good. I'm a bit more hopeful for how worlds like Arendelle will be treated once it returns. That is one less concern to worry about
  12. Zettaflare

    The Prologue

    Maybe. We could of explored all of Dark World as Mickey and Riku as well during Riku's playable sections
  13. Zettaflare

    What if Kingdom Hearts was partnered with Warner instead of Disney?

    I just pictured Daffy or Porky casting Zettaflare against Terranort and it made me laugh. If they went the WB route I would love to see what the Heartless from those properties would look like. A boss inspired by the Infamous water tower would be pretty sweet
  14. Zettaflare

    KH Shower Thoughts

    Going by FF job classes Lexeus' could of been called "Knights" and Vexen's could of been called "Scholars". Those names seem to fit their abilities and characters
  15. Zettaflare

    Is anyone else concerned about how Phase 2 is going to be handled?

    The concept of unreality may make things more confusing but that's par for the series at this point. I'm more concerned with other matters such as the Disney worlds and if the company is going to become more restrictive as time goes on. Not to mention if Kairi will finally become more...