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    KH4 probable worlds

    If Vanitas came back with the Unversed imagine if we got a repeat of what happened to him in Monstropolis with Mei rag dolling him, lol
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    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Elemental's setting could be a pretty interesting world that could give us an air elemental form change for Sora. Might be too late for KHIV though
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    Why didn't the other Organization members get their bodies back?

    I don't quite understand what you're asking. Do you mean why certain members got restored as humans after CoM and KH2? If so they all became human again. Xehanort just turned Braig, Even, Isa, Demyx, Luxord, Laurium, and Elrena back into Nobodies again for his new organization
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    How do you guys think Kingdom Hearts will include Disney TVA as worlds in the future of the series?

    It's not confirmed yet but it's looking pretty likely. That would still go back to my point about Disney shows having a chance if Star Wars gets a world in KH4
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    How do you guys think Kingdom Hearts will include Disney TVA as worlds in the future of the series?

    While I don't consider the medals a hint I could see TV shows eventually ending up in the series. Especially shows based on worlds that have appeared in the series such as Tangled. After Star Wars got in anything is possible at this point
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    News ► Famitsu interviews Nomura on Kingdom Hearts 4 and Missing-Link

    Amnesia could also be interesting when you take into account Donald and Goofy. If they make it into Quadratum thanks to Hades it could be like KH1 again where Sora is traveling with them for the first time. With the difference being they've already known Sora even if they are strangers from...
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    Nomura discusses Kingdom Hearts 4, Missing-Link, and Dark Road in extended Famitsu interview

    I wouldn't be surprised if Xehanort was descended from the Ephemer's bloodline the Society of Successors. Also kind of amused that Nomura was shocked at how popular was at Yozora becoming popular overseas lol
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    Keyblade spotted in Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers trailer

    Nice. Be cool if we could get an actual Sora cameo in the film.
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    As long as Utada wants to do it I see no reason for there not to be a new theme song from her and a new rendition of Dearly Beloved. Even if it is a new chapter
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    KH4 Star Wars Speculation: Only the Forest Moon of Endor?

    Good question. Maybe not. Though if they don't want Sora killing Stormtroopers on screen they could still do Heartless based on them
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    Film ► Lightyear - June 17th 2022

    New trailer. Didn't see that plot twist coming
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    Speculation: Three Playable Storylines in KH4?

    She could actually visit all of the worlds belonging to the new PoH in addition to Corona and Arendelle
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    Quadratum is going to be the "Hub" world for KH4

    Aside from opening up portals Ballad of Caius brought up the possibility of trains. Quadratum could have a train station that makes travel to other worlds possible like the one used in Twilight Town
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    Quick! Favorite world in each game! GO!

    KH1: Hollow Bastion CoM: Twilight Town KH2: Timeless River Days: Twilight Town BBS: Deep Space DDD: Symphony of Sorcery 0.2: Castle of Dreams part of Dark world KH3: The Caribbean
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    KH4 probable worlds

    They might not have to be saved. Depending on how the situation plays out Hades might be willing to listen to their request(if Donald and Goofy are actually going to him for aid)