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Recent content by Zettaflare

  1. Zettaflare

    Kairi: The Thread

    Does Repliku really count? While he did come back it was technically in spirit only like Eraqus. And even then he chose to pass on instead of taking a Replica body
  2. Zettaflare

    KH 20 years anniversary is in 2022

    I would have preferred 2D animation for the Disney+ series like with TWEWY anime. Where as with 3D animation it will feel like I'm just watching the game's cutscenes.
  3. Zettaflare

    KH 20 years anniversary is in 2022

    My best two guesses are: 1. Either the next main title. Hopefully DDD Volume 2. 2. Or the rumored Disney+ series. Which is the option I voted for. If it's an adaptation starting from the beginning it would be fitting for it to be released on the 20th anniversary
  4. Zettaflare

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Let’s talk Raya and the Last Dragon~

    Hoping that Raya's animal companion can be a second party member. It would make up for not having Max the horse as a party member in Kingdom of Corona. As for villains perhaps Maleficent or the Foretellers want the Dragon Gem for their own purposes
  5. Zettaflare

    Film ► Power Rangers - July 22nd 2016

    I'm just hope they ditch the armored, Robocop suits and go back to the traditional skin tight ones.
  6. Zettaflare

    Film ► Raya and the Last Dragon(2020)

    Good teaser. The opening looks like a mix of Spy and Indiana Jones movies.
  7. Zettaflare

    Film ► Power Rangers - July 22nd 2016

  8. Zettaflare

    Do You Want To See More 2D Worlds?

    Definitely. I still want to see Treasure Planet, Atlantis, and Princess in the Frog in Phase 2. They just need to even the distribution of 2D and 3D films
  9. Zettaflare

    Which cast do you think the next Kingdom Hearts entry will focus on?

    Honestly I'm always stumped as to what form Mickey would take in Atlantica. Which is odd since I can easily envision what the other OCs would look like as Mermaids and mermen, lol
  10. Zettaflare

    Which cast do you think the next Kingdom Hearts entry will focus on?

    There is also another untold story that isnt in the poll. Mickey, Donald and Goofy searching for Sora in older Disney worlds. Though minus Riku and Kairi's storyline I think what most of the other heroes are doing are excuses to keep them out of the spotlight for a while rather then premises...
  11. Zettaflare

    Which cast do you think the next Kingdom Hearts entry will focus on?

    If it's DDD Volume 2 then Yozora and his group of friends. With Sora, Riku, and Kairi(or possibly just the latter two) co starring as well
  12. Zettaflare

    Kairi: The Thread

    Still hoping that Kairi gets her own Disney companions like Sora and Riku. It probably won't happen in DDD Volume 2 but after that I want to see her team up with either Pluto or Daisy and Minnie
  13. Zettaflare

    Film ► Static Shock - Michael B Jordan to produce Static Shock film

    Hell yes. I've wanted a live action Static Shock for ages. I'm hoping Hot streak is the main villain. Or better yet Holocaust.
  14. Zettaflare

    Coronavirus and Pets

    If your dog needs to walk for exercise try some activities in your backyard. Play fetch with a ball or frisbee
  15. Zettaflare

    Thoughts if Vanitas were to get some kind of 'redemption arc' later on?

    I'm convinced Nomura will use "Darkness" as a vehicle to bring back present Vanitas. Not sure if he will be redeemed or not but he may feel differently about the prospect then his past counterpart. Sort of like the Repliku and Dark Riku situation