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  • Hi there! What gave me the honor of recieving your friend request, if you don't mind me asking? =]
    Hello! To answer your question, the next Disney villain thread was closed because there was no further point in any discussion taking place there. The same two or three people were just listing essentially every villain of or relating to Disney, and it became rather disrespectful for the others who were putting in their two cents because they would be constantly skipped over.

    Discussion was flying all over the place and it became spam central. Therefore the thread was closed before infractions were distributed.

    If you have any more questions or concerns, we would appreciate that you direct them to the Ask a Mod thread or message a member of staff rather than posting it into discussion threads. Going off topic, as you know, leads to spam, which (spamming) is against the rules of our forum.
    Go to the board you want to create a thread in and look at the top left corner. You should see a "Post new thread+" button.
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