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  • awww :( I'm so sorry I'm sorry for saying awwww it's just sad :( aww you seem like a cool girl and you deserve the best, and only the best!
    HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha you have a 3DS right? do you mind if I add you ? :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :)
    I haven't sat down and watched DBZ since I started Abridged, my last experience was a marathon of Kai episodes on Nicktoons, which is kind of a mistake in itself. At least the real version of Kai still holds up well in my book
    Haha, I totally forgot that was in my sig. Yea, I've gotten to the point where whenever I imagine a character from DBZ (especially Nappa or Vegeta), its the TFS incarnation
    Well, Its technically not great, seeing as I have finals soon, but my brain does this thing where it doesn't care until its too late lol
    Good already beat days but didnt want to see anything they may have added. I may hold off till a subbed version then.

    btw you posted the response on your own page if your wondering about the quote.
    It was great. you dont have to worry, no major spoilers were revealed, though i do hope a subbed version of the stream is made soon
    You had asked me where I got the avatar from. I made it on this website! There are so many little options. It's really fun xD
    Wow your very new xD
    I've been here since early 07 or 08. my original account quite working so i made this one and my current one is 5 years old.
    Well thank you~ xD So people actually do read what i post.
    You seem like a nice person to talk to too. How long you been on khi?
    Don't listen to Tayroar.
    I took the liberty to resize it for you.
    Give this a try.
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