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    Zexions Death

    Yeah this Thread is about Zexions Death and i was just wondering is his death the only one that an Oganization member actually had a panic attack
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    THE Dustflier HATE FANCLUB

    A Fanclub for anyone who hates the Dustflier the hardest Boss fight on Mission Mode MEMBERS: ZEROSGEASS (FOUNDER) fishman5487 αsiя Axel'sPetPhoenix Weeaboo luna1017 The Following shows A Strategy on how to bet it. Dustflier From Kingdom Hearts Wiki: A...
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    Dustflyer Hate Club

    This is the club for anyone who hates the dustflyer
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    ANyone hates the dust flyer
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    Code Geass, lelouch's rein and Fall

    A fan club for Lelouch from Code Geass. Your own veiw on Lelouch and the way he gave up everything he had earned to help his freind.
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    Phil and Ven/Roxas

    In Kingdom Hearts 356/2 days i think the reason why Phil thinks Roxas is a hero when he first mets him is because he thought he was VENffffuuu
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    Anime and Manga ideas

    raitohahahaTalk about anime and manga ideas. This thread is not to steal ideas but to share ideas
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    The Zexion Fanclub <♥>

    For all people who are fans of Zexion the best Organization XIII member EVER!