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Recent content by zerokool

  1. Z


    ok wat do u guys think is better Sora's trinity limit from KH1, KH2 or Riku's Dark arua from KH1 u decide.
  2. Z

    kh1 was a waste of time everbody!

    if u think it's a waste of time then ur dumb. that fight was story line wise the toughest battel ever. He was the ultimate evil. He had enough power to destroy everything in the universe. So yea think bout that for a minute.
  3. Z

    If you had a nobodie

    mine would Xllarden I have Fire nobody's that look like bee's kinda. I wield three swords on that's underneath my cloak and two out automatically. I never take of my hood until the end. Revealing my self near the end. I keep the mystery goin. I am among the strongest nobody's like stronger than...
  4. Z

    Who's better at battling?

    yea i agree he's like super strong when he's in dark mode. It's like he drives when he goes into dark mode. He's almost invincible when he in dark mode.
  5. Z

    What Should've Been in KH2

    Axel was one of the best hence the seen where he blew himself up all that power the only reason that he died was because he waz fighting nobosy's on his way there to help u. I also think that he ran into Siax and some of the other members before he came to help you. Or he cot into a big fight...
  6. Z

    Does anyone know how do beat Demyx, (or the water guy)

    yea he's kinda hard I lost to him once but it was only on the ten second water clones. But man he whooped the crap out of valor at first i couldn't even get a single hit on him at first. He was to fast for even valor to keep up with. But then after he started to tire it was a different story i...
  7. Z

    ansem reports

    yea in the secret video in KH2 the word chasers goes across the screen so that might be the new enemy.
  8. Z

    Trinity limit or Session?

    i know that trinity limit is strong but can anyone tell me if Riku and Sora's joint attack Session is stronger thatn Trinity Limit. If it is can u tell me how strong they both are.
  9. Z

    Dark Sleights?

    good info i don't know why people think he sucks, in COM i think he was actually better than Sora. His dark mode was awesome he had lots of pwer but very few moves, that's the only thing that was wrong with him. Sora doesn't really evenhave a move that compares to dark arua, except trinity...
  10. Z

    Xaldin Question?

    Ok this is for those of you who have played Kh2 is Xaldin really hard to beat i would like ur opinions. On a scale of 1-10. 10 being the highest.
  11. Z

    Personal oppion

    When Sora Dies and Mickey comes out is he better than Sora as far as fighting goes? Because in the game story it seems like he's a better fighter than Sora. BUt Sora drives might be to much for Mickey.
  12. Z

    Hollow Bastion Scene

    So does the scene where Sora charges at the five order members happen in the games, where he runs past all those heartless, and then a member of the 13th order is about to take his hood off. Does that ever happen in the game.
  13. Z

    cant wait till kh2 U.S. release

    we'll we may never get if if SE keeps pushing back the date
  14. Z


    no i mean the part where Sora sees all five of the order members at hb and where all of them dissapear except one and he's about to take off his hood is that scene still there?
  15. Z


    Are all the cutscenses that we saw in the preview trailers in the actual game, because it seems that Noruma took some out like the one were Sora was charging at the order member. Is the scene were Sora sees all five of those people in black coats in there to.