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  • Well, I'll have to try out first. But aren't the optional bosses A LOT harder? Perhaps all are hard on Critical Mode, since I'm playing on Standard Mode.
    Wait, Anti Final Form? Sounds cool. I only did mod once. I forgot what it is called... Dark Knight mod? Basically an Anti Form Sora wielding Vexen's shield. That mod sucks. I was screwed hard by Roxas, not to mention the Lingering Will. Of course, I used a save file by another player. I myself have not even arrived at Pride Lands yet, haha.
    I was just about to ask you if you saw my visitor message, haha. Glad you figured out how it works.

    I see. I started playing Legends 2 two years ago, but gave up somehow. I picked it back up three months ago, and tried completing it 100%. And guess what? I did it! Man, isn't the series hard.

    I also beat the Zero series, but I don't play X... too many to follow up, plus I'm still behind in KH2FM haha. I became a Mega Man fan since... I don't remember, maybe 4 years old when I started playing Battle Network 1. Later on I played Legends, and I immediately fell in love with Volnutt, too!
    Drop your message just like this! But to reply, you will have to click on my profile and drop a message there again instead of dropping it at your own profile (which often happens to some of the users here haha).

    Anyway, how long have you been following the series?

    And I guess I now know why your name is 'Zero_Rock' - you are referring to Zero, yeah?
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