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    Case Closed

    Couldnt find an old thread so im making one. Ive been trying to catch up to the show since I used to watch it on CN as a kid but theres like 600+ episodes and im only on 33. Does anyone know where I should skip to so the story can cause I know most of the episodes are just cases and dont really...
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    http://www.youtube.com/embed/5RnYtm01Qn4 Its like Syfy's version of Heroes and I know they dont make the best stuff but its pretty good to me. Season 1 ended yesterday and it was great, can't wait for Season 2 now. Also, sorry for the crappy video but it sums up the main point in the show. So...
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    NY Trip Problem

    Me and a couple of my friends are trying to all go down to NY for 2 days and we have everything planned out with how to get there and where we can stay at and what were gonna do. But my problem is my parents, they arent letting me go cause there wont be any adults and its kinda far from where I...
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    Blurry Vission With Eye Contacts

    I just got my contacts about 2 hours ago, I was taught how to put them on and how to take them off. I had some trouble figuring out which was inside out or normal but im pretty sure I know which is what. But im having trouble with my left contact, it makes my vision blurry, I had the most...
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    Mozilla Firefox Wont Open

    I just got on my account yesterday and for some reason it wont open, it worked the day before and I didnt install anything to it. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it so many times but it still wont open and it doesnt open on anyone elses account, and I made a new account twice but it still...
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    Cash Register Help

    Today was my first day behind the register at McDonalds and it went ok I guess until I was told that I was missing like $5.70 from the register. Idk how it happened, I could have missed like $2 or $3 at most but that seems like to much for me to miss. There were other employees on it taking...
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    Auto Mechanic Career?

    I have been thinking of a career and I thought about something in the Video Game Industry or something in the Medical field but when I look at colleges and the costs, it would take my whole life to pay off something like that. Then I thought about a career as a Mechanic, it seems like something...
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    Toshiba Laptop Setup

    I just bought a Toshiba laptop from a Radioshack at the mall, it was the one on display since it was the only one they had left. I have used it for about an hour and made my parents and my brothers and sisters accounts but when I logged off and got onto theirs it shows up that their keyboard...
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    Pre-Interview Help

    I got one for this Sat. at Chick-Fil-A and idk what to wear, the manager said to wear whatever I would want a person that im interviewing to wear and my family is telling to go casual but my English teacher said I should go formal but idk since it's not a real interview.
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    Dont Know What To Do

    Im a junior right now and next year will be my last year of High School. I moved to my new school a week after the school year started and I have met a good amount of people through the year that im cool with. But the problem is im mostly friends with 9, 10, and 12 graders and when I graduate...
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    My Summary?

    I just finished BBS last night and unlocked the Secret Ending and I watched it and im trying to make sure I understand it all. Also, im not 100% clear on the whole series so sorry if I say stuff thats been said in one of the games. First thing is with Ansem, I saw he helped Xehanort and took...
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    Verizon Channels?

    Can you subscribe to one channel on Fios without subscribing to another package? And if you can, how much is it?
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    Todays my birthday, just turned 16.
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    Amazon is having great deals right now and earlier this week they had KH BBS for about the same price and they put it back up so if you havent gotten it yet like me order it now. Amazon.com: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep: Video Games
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    Learning Japanese?

    Im trying to learn some Japanese even if its just simple things and im pretty sure a good amount of people on here have tried to or learned some Japanese but idk how to start, are there any certain English to Japanese Dictionaries that help or an iPhone App or any other Phone app that could help...