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    My issue with the ending

    The biggest issue is that for years we've been told that Kingdom Hearts is Sora's story. It'll always be Sora's story. Then we were told that KH3 is only the end of the Xehanort Saga. So even if the secret ending didn't show Sora alive/in limbo/whatever, the majority of us would know he was...
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    Can this theory be considered true?

    The biggest thing against this theory is MX's flaw. He stole Terra's body to be young again. So he's in no hurry to fulfill his plans. Most of his plans have taken a decade to even come close to being complete. "Time" is essentially on his side now as well.
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    KH2: Unknown enemy in the Secret Ending #1 (The Gathering)

    I'm not sure what you're trying to say.
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    KH2: Unknown enemy in the Secret Ending #1 (The Gathering)

    It's hard to discuss something that never made it past the concept stage. Especially something that has no information that has been released on it. It could be anything. Vanitas' true form. Xion. The first Heartless/Nobody. A boss fight. Anything.
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    Things You Love and Hate In KH2.

    Kairi's Keyblade: The MoM is able to create Keyblades by pulling them from people's hearts. While not confirmed, Riku presumably created a Keyblade for Kairi by pulling it from his own heart.
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    Things You Love and Hate In KH2.

    I must be the only one that liked KH2 Atlantica. I liked it because it was different from the standard hack & slash gameplay of every other world. It felt like a nice break from the combat every time I visited. That's also the reason I like Hundred Acre Wood, because it'a pure minigame world...
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    KH1 Time Metaphor Theory (long post)

    Hence why I said "if". I wasn't sure if it was just a metaphor.
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    KH1 Time Metaphor Theory (long post)

    You've put a lot of effort into this theory. It sounds like you're saying the entire game takes place over a week. If that's the case, I hate to tell you that you're wrong. There's one thing you forgot to take into account. 358/2 Days. In the scene where Roxas and Xemnas meet on the Dark...
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    Voice Acting Criticisms

    Honestly, the only problem I have is the fact they keep switching Hayden and Alyson around when it comes to Kairi/Xion. Haley sounds fine to me. I have no problem with him voicing Sora. So thankfully when KH3 comes around, I'll be one of the few not bothered by it.
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    TV ► Westworld - "These violent delights have violent ends."

    I'm surprised no one's talking about this show yet. I finally watched the first episode after missing it last week. Damn was it good. Loved that rendition of Paint it Black. For the uninitiated, Westworld is a show on HBO based on the 1973 film of the same name. Westworld is set in the future...
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    The explanation of nobodies

    Actually this makes perfect sense. If Sora can make a new body out of nowhere after first becoming a heartless, then why can't nobodies make new hearts?
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    Terra Nova (Jurassic Park meets Lost... apparently)

    I'm surprised there wasn't a thread about this show already. But, whatever. So yeah, Terra Nova is a new show that is set in the year 2149 where the world has supposedly (I say that because it's only been hinted at so far) become overpopulated and polluted. So in an effort to save the human...
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    Help/Support ► Help with a new girl

    How long have you known her? Two weeks? A month? Because it doesn't seem like you've known her all that long. In any case, just play it slow for now until you know more about her. Once you develope more of a bond, I think you'll be good to go. You can't build the foundation for a relationship...
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    Which Persona should I play first?

    As the title says. Which should I play first? I recently bought Persona 3 and 4 because they sounded awesome and looked interesting, not to mention one of my friends told me about them. But I'm unsure of which one I should start with. I've heard that Persona 4 is the more epic of the two.