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  • hey could you tell me how I can rename a link? Like when I want to refer someone to the FAQ page, how can I change the long url into just "FAQ"
    I was referring to the illustrations that I made. I'll take as a no though. Let me see a sneak peak of it again bro, but later though when you have all the lineart for it done
    Can you please translate this and send it off to any online site staff members.
    Or if you have access, maybe you could write the article? :p
    ?*?*速?*??*保管庫(Alt)?*?* : [PS4]DPS545: 「FINAL FANTASY XV」「KINGDOM HEARTS III」両作のディレクター、野村哲也氏インタビューが掲載
    Time consuming, yeah it makes sense. Meanwhile, translating from English/Spanish and Spanish/English is quite easy. (Of course, both are European idioms and are like brother and sister, but they each have their own cultural phrases and terms).\

    Is Japanese a complicated language? With all the "alphabets" it has and how the order of symbols may change the word completely... Well, is it a complicated idiom?
    I do have AC:NL. I've been playing it frantically so much as of late, I love me some AC ^_^

    and if Clefairy isn't Fairy-type, I'm sure petitions will be put online and in the next game she'll be changed.
    If Clefairy isn't a Fairy type, I will slowly lose hope in GameFreak since that is just...really stupid. Apparently as well, Snubbull is also described as a Fairy Pokemon in the pokedex so Granbull and Snubbel, funny enough, should be Fairy type as well haha xD
    I have the bills to get a nextgen console, but I promised myself that the 3DS would be my last. =/
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