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  • I really would love it having the complete version, with no need for DLC. *u* (announcement date soon PLZ)
    Cool, I'm sure they will look nice. Do you like FFXIII, are you into it's story? Are you gonna play LR FFXIII
    Good, good... Hey, I've been wondering; why have we been through lots of adbots? And why in the Forum Insanity area, lol?
    Can I just say I love the new avy, not that the other one was not good I just seem to be all over Riku nowadays.
    Well I really like your's haha ^_^ I'm not bad with Photoshop, but I can't do any of the great stuff I see on KHi. I don't even know how to describe what is different about the awesome ones like your's xP
    haha thank you so much ^_^ I'm using it now! You went through all that work for me lol You really didn't have to xP
    Correction...I tried using it but it says the "Remote File is Too Large" perhaps it is too high quality lol?
    Much appreciated! I'm already using it ;) IDK why I never updated it...I screencapped it when the video first went viral before they released their HD one so thank you very much Zephyr :D
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