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  • ^_^

    Yeah, this actually brightened my day up a lot!
    But I won't let it get to my head, power can corrupt people >.>

    I'll do the best that I can however!

    I am very surprised by all of this to be honest, kind of undeserving of the position really *blushes*

    *Holds in excitement*
    You did sign up for the Non yaoi yuri fangirl/boy fanclub, right? Sora Namine? Rules stating no porn?

    I just hadn't seen you around so I wanted you to check out the album with some art.
    Hey! You got some new fan art. Check it out! and add if you want.

    I sound like some kind of pitchman, sorry!
    I know what you mean.

    I didn't originally live in the real ghetto but it was a good substitute for one.
    Glad I moved away from that place *sigh of relief*
    Oh well now that clears things up a bit :3
    Well I am not in a great place either <.<

    Better then where I grew up at though ^_^ trust me I am not rich either.
    I don't even have a bank account..
    Well you said that you were broke atm but you were planning on getting all of those games; and you also have a broken PS3. But you plan on getting Re: CoM, but with that said you are you're contradicting what you said earlier "being broke" and all.

    Then you said you were rich @_@ *runs in circles and faints*

    KH logic does that to me...

    I see what you mean, however, the last bit is paradoxical O.o
    *munch munch*


    And I see what you mean, good games take time so I can wait.
    We also seem to be in a similar predicament, I don't have a PSP but don't get hell bent on getting a DS. It'll be a while before anything comes out so save now buy later :3
    *Sniff sniff*

    Do I smell bacon? D:

    Gah just wait till we get BBS, Days and Coded: MIND FUCK!
    We all have those days when we forget certain things; aging's a bitch :< XD
    But with the flow of information my mind is starting to ware down my brain cells =__=

    Hehe it's fine, I like to hear others opinions :)
    And it gives me a bit to think about.
    Lol well I or you could always check to make sure, but take your time on it.
    It's not a spontaneous thing :p

    Yup the ones I am gunning for are: Iridium, Solemn Nights, Magnastorm (just added that) Electric Blues or Black Ballad :D
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