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Recent content by Zari

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    A little bit of sad proof

    I don't think it does, either...even though some hidden mode would be nice, and a huge surprise...I think the 3 modes we have availabe from the get-go are all we'll have.
  2. Z

    Under the cloak

    ^^ This is just crawling with fanart ideas. Besides the Marluxia thing. That's just sick.
  3. Z

    left out form and keyblade?

    ^^ Neat renders (or whatever you'd call those...). It looks a bit more like Valor, though...I thought Master didn't hold the Keyblades...O.o; I know Final doesn't...
  4. Z

    Kingdom Hearts II Roxas Figurine + A mysterious E3 List

    OO That Roxas figurine...must have it! Too bad I can't go to E3 to check out the last thing on that list...
  5. Z

    Correct me if iam wrrong

    Okay...that's right, you level up the forms. Highest level is 7 for all forms. The max levels for the abilites (High Jump, Quick Run, Aerial Dodge, Glide) are Lv. 3 on Normal Sora...Lv. MAX for the Drives. ^ That just means that...since the Drives have the abilities at Lv. 1, when a Drive hits...
  6. Z

    Action Replay MAX

    O.o; I'm a little bit against cheat modules...if I'm going to cheat, I'll borrow my friend's game or buy a spare for less; that way, if one screws up, I'll have the other intact.
  7. Z

    before kh2

    ^ Right... Honestly, there's just no courtesy for those without the game...that goes for ALL countries, not just Europe and Australia!
  8. Z

    mickey's help??

    I never used Mickey...but I was always a few levels behind (especially at the end...I was at level 30-something when I started TWTNW...)
  9. Z

    mickey's help??

    Well...you don't get the option in the last battle (except...I think in ONE part...but not sure on that)...but it's pretty much in boss battles...I don't have a list of which ones, though. Proud = Expert, we're all going to die if we call it Expert. -dies-
  10. Z

    Twilight Town best place to train? wtf??

    -nod- TWTNW is the best...you just have to know which spots in the world are the best.
  11. Z

    Final Form Help! *minor spoilers*

    ^ Yes, that too. Both of those posts.
  12. Z

    Final Form Help! *minor spoilers*

    Nope, doesn't matter where you are or what form you Drive into. It's completely random. (I'd recommend a spot where you can easily escape back into the World Map or a conversation pit...so that if you don't get Final, just go back to that area (or to the Map) to revert back and have a full Drive...
  13. Z

    Kingdom hearts 2 secret ending Question

    ... In Standard, yes...because it's required to finish the Journal. Proud, no.
  14. Z

    2 identical keyblades?!

    ^ What sort of challenge would it be to start off with Oathkeeper and Oblivion? ...Think of the Heartless destruction... xD
  15. Z

    Form Weapons

    Keyblade: Ultima Valor: Decisive Pumpkin Master: Uh...I dunno (never used it) Final: Oblivion