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Recent content by Zackarix

  1. Zackarix

    If Melody of Memory got a sequel or DLC what new tracks would you like to see included?

    I appreciate the fact that MoM doesn't rely too heavily on remixes (unlike certain other rhythm games) but I wouldn't mind having the remixes of Utada Hikaru's songs. The ending version of Sanctuary, the opening and Ray of Hope versions of Simple and Clean, and any other variations that are...
  2. Zackarix

    What if KH2 hadn't had revisits?

    Or rather, only had revisits on an as-needed basis instead of having two visits for most worlds just because. One thing I know for certain: Beast's Castle would have been one of the last worlds visited instead of one of the first. Xaldin is NOT an early game boss.
  3. Zackarix

    What should the next mobile phone game be like?

    No it's true and is a leak. The Kingdom Hearts Retroactive Project (TM) will bring games to consoles like the Sega Dreamcast, Wonderswan Color, and Atari Lynx. These games will be essential to understanding Kingdom Hearts 4.321, so you'd better find those consoles on eBay or you won't be able...
  4. Zackarix

    What should the next mobile phone game be like?

    I've seen some people remark that Melody of Memory put in a lot of effort to recreate most of the worlds in the series for seemingly little return and I can't help but agree. You can't truly appreciate all the scenery floating by when you're too busy focusing on the notes, which makes one...
  5. Zackarix

    What should the next mobile phone game be like?

    If this is true it's really lame. The Wayfinder trio and Nobody group literally just got their lives back then they put said lives on hold for a year. For those efforts to amount to nothing, not just in finding Sora but in any other area, feels like a slap in the face. It certainly doesn't...
  6. Zackarix

    What should the next mobile phone game be like?

    Some potential plots: Terra, Aqua, and Ventus in the Realm of Darkness: They must have something planned for this plot point, otherwise why introduce it? Slice of life with the Twilight Town crew: A Days sequel would be very popular. Or they could make it a general "what happened during the...
  7. Zackarix

    What should the next mobile phone game be like?

    We all know it's inevitable, freemium phone games are a license to print money. With KHUX officially dead there will be another coming down the pipeline sooner or later, the best we can hope for is that it will be better than KHUX. So with the in mind what should it play like, what should the...
  8. Zackarix

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS 20th anniversary trailer + event announced

    I don't know what Mulholland Drive is, but reworking a rejected pilot into a feature film is an entirely different scenario from what I'm talking about. A more analogous situation would be if there was an epic movie that had its first act or a subplot cut out and reworked into a short film, but...
  9. Zackarix

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS 20th anniversary trailer + event announced

    0.2 might be fine as a standalone story, but KH3 is very much lesser for the decision to release it separately. For one, the decision to cut out 0.2 turned KH3 from a story with three acts to one with two acts. And I'm pretty sure that the Realm of Darkness was supposed to be KH3's big...
  10. Zackarix

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS 20th anniversary trailer + event announced

    Here are my wishful thinking predictions: 1. Rereleases optimized for next generation consoles. 2. Days and Coded remakes: Days is enough of a fan-favorite game that even a low-effort remake would sell, making it an easy anniversary cash-in. Coded has less demand, but it would be awkward for...
  11. Zackarix

    If Melody of Memory got a sequel or DLC what new tracks would you like to see included?

    A (incomplete, I'm using the wiki for reference so if it's not up to date neither am I) list of boss themes and what they're used for, organized by the game they were introduced in: Kingdom Hearts 1: Destiny's Force: Darkside, Opposite Armor, Genie Jafar, Parasite Cage, Oogie's Manor, Phantom...
  12. Zackarix

    What would you change for the KHIII story?

    I just remembered the one thing I thought would really have rounded out KH3's story. Flashback Xehanort should have been the second playable character. Maybe make it like FF8 where you have a present player character in Sora/Squall and a past one in Xehanort/Laguna. This is where Xehanort's...
  13. Zackarix

    How far does the Tarzan embargo go?

    There was a rumor last year that Disney was planning a Tarzan remake. But there doesn't seem to have been any updates since then, so take it with a grain of salt. To be honest, a Disney live action Tarzan might not be worth it. Tarzan is still an active franchise that has new films every few...
  14. Zackarix

    KINGDOM HEARTS 20th Anniversary site launches

    It's sad that we have to fill in characterization ourselves instead of it being in the game. Wasn't Dilan left out of DDD because his voice actor was arrested? Even was left out because his seiyuu died. Dilan and Even being in comas because they were planned to be seekers doesn't work with...
  15. Zackarix

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    What is up with the way Melody of Memory's world tour is organized? There's a section that's part 0.2 part KH1, the next section is the rest of KH1 and CoM, then a big section for Days and KH2 and Coded, then it branches out for the BbS and DDD sections, then it has the KH3 and...