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  • I just found something strange. Apparently somebody has managed to type up two threads while drunk. I'm sitting here laughing because I can tell just by how he types.... *giggle*... I know I shouldn't laugh at a mod but.... *snicker* SERIOUSLY??? HAHAHAHHHAH
    yeah he is he all of organization 13, riku, goofy, Donald, and sora, and xion
    they better add more stuff to him in bbs and kh3 good thing he is playable in days
    sorry dude
    it was great using mickey for me too suck that he didn't have that many abilities
    sorry no i don't know any KHC
    mickey is not going to die Disney will probably train someone to do mickey's voice
    i meant maybe i'm magic
    how come nomura having a few problems finishing bbs
    i know it sucks that mickey voice actor died disney will probably
    maybe lol
    if bbs coming this wiinter for japan then the us should be next year or something idk lol they better talk alittle more about kh3 or idk lol
    now i'm hungry *appears a sea salt ice cream and starts eating it*
    your welcome, back when i started out i ask a mod for help she help anyway no worries bud not all mods are jerks at least idk. i only ask one mod and she not even a mod anymore she retire
    i'm exicted for bbs as well and especially days because its next month
    i knew you would like it lol
    don't worry my friend if you need help you can come to me and I'll see what i can do to help ok ^^
    man i'm so exicted for it:36:
    oh lol
    *hands puxal sea salt ice cream*
    so do you like it here in khi
    yep coming to psp which i'm going to buy the dissdia bundle
    what does btw mean lol
    i'm john nice to meet you to paul
    Oh. Lol.

    I'm logging off soon since this is when things slow down on here. I'll see ya later.
    Nice to meet you Paul, call me Rey. It's late for you? For me it's barely in the afternoon.
    He was off of Dragon Quest I think? As a boss. Still don't see how he'd have anything to do with KH or FF for that matter. I'm just going to continue seeing it as spam since I don't even know what that game series is about.
    Like something out of the Ring...

    That guy's smart, he just seems to get bored alot and pulls stuff like that.
    Don't do that! I don't even think that's possible... *wonders how to kill someone on the internet*
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