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  • Yeah ikr? after Abel has been kidnapped (or so it looks like it) I think Cain is drugged to forget things, and thinks that the ship is all a dream...

    Yup, that banana berserker Lol XD

    mhmmm >_< but I keep snacking all day, at this rate I'll really get chubby...

    Hahahaah Couldn't imagine the almighty Dragonborn catching butterflies and collecting mushrooms and weeds. xD

    oh I always kept the Dragonbones in Whiterun's home. Who knows when I'll need em. Or if I got tired of them, I sell em. GO TO THEM GREYBEARDS AND LEARN THE SHOUT!! FUS ROH DAAAAAA!!!

    huh.. that's wierd, I always pick up the organs... I wonder if there are specific dragons that drop them... yeah, they give skills too huh :D I forgot about that part... I think one or the quest is called the Red Dagger? Sword? gah... D:
    Yeah I've read it Yuki ^^ then fell asleep of confusion Lol

    hmm I'm gonna try that someday. Lol XD are those butterflies around Larxene? XD wh-wh-what? Sandwich? LOL yeah I can see it clearly now, thanks Yuki XD
    it's a bad habit of mine, that's why my aunts always call me skinny, or said that I got thinner from the last time they saw me, which was only 2 weeks ago or possibly a month. Sometimes I haggle the prices of vegetables, cuz I try to cut it low enough to actually be able to buy meat, then haggle the meat price again... Lol XD I'll definitely need the energy to play Chi, plus the stressing I had to go through...

    Yeah ^^ I use it on my bow sometimes. Just use the poison to one of your weapons and shoot or slash the enemy with it. They'll get poisoned in contact. It never occurred to me that I can just google the ingredients I need to make a certain poison without having to fail and lose all my rare ingredients... like butterflies, I mean, geez they're hard to catch @_@

    I think you have to reach a certain amount of Blacksmith skills to craft those. But I'm not sure myself... I've only seen my brother craft those dragon bones, and they looked pretty cool. But they're really heavy to carry around. Lol Congratz on moving to another house XD hmmm before the dragon completely evaporates, still have some flesh there, click on it to snatch them quick. I think that's what I did back then. You get brains, eyes, and heart. But what I really like in Skyrim is the books. I always spend time reading the tales and finding hidden quests in them. Especially the Winterfell Academy Library.
    I'll see it at the stores when I have time :) and I think I need others opinion on this... think I'll ask through the fanclub one day when I'm sure I'm going to buy it...

    Did he really? :O Axel carrying around a pizza? in the game?? how did you do that? Lol XD Luxord using CDs... oh dang, I can't open the second picture D: it's not available...
    same here sista!! ( O`u'O)/) well at least you got money to buy games... I use my money to buy groceries and food for the whole family... I feel my money is getting thinner every day... sometimes I just skip dinner or skip lunch and went straight to dinner... I dunno, feels like don't wanna eat...

    yeah I agree on poisons :D sometimes they're pretty handy to use on weapons and bows. Sometimes I make my own poisons (mage/alchemy life forevah!! >:D) Gaaaah!! Thesis be over soon so I can play Skyrim!!! DX

    Ahahahah XD use the Dragon's bones to craft an armour and weapon! They sell mighty high if you're a good merchant! OR just use them yourself, but the weight is not advantageous for thieves as they require light clothing... or mages.... akh... I think you can use the Dragon's organs to craft potions or poisons, or even cures....
    Oh! you're probably right! That Mark of Mastery bundle has the DDD skin. If I bought the XL, it won't fit. But- but- bigger screen D: owh... which one? which one??

    Roxas did? was that on 358/2 Days? I haven't finished the game yet ( ._.)
    Change of clothes? Dinner? Shampoo 'n soap? D: Gurl you goin campin!!

    Yeah, I kinda regret letting him go on that one.... he should've been in the grave.
    Lol XD you mean pots and pans too? Usually the weapons are great finds, can be sold to merchants. Or fuse them with soul gems.
    ooooh that's cool :D I wanna be a thief next. I'm tired of being a mage. An archer thief XD Lol
    Yeah, it's triggered in some village. I dunno what the name is, but you can trigger it if you decided to become a thief... or not... not sure... haven't been there yet D:
    Oooh I saw my friend played on his 3DSXL once, it looked fine, and there's the 3D button on the side so the screen looks... 3D... heheh maybe I haven't seen what it looks like on the normal 3DS. I'll need to check that :) thanks Yuki, I just thought that the bigger the screen the better it's quality...

    Hahahaah I think you can use your umbrella as a Keyblade if you want to XD same here, I carry around my 17 inch macbook pro everywhere I go everyday + my main bag, but it's good for the muscles tho ^^ *kisses arm muscles* But dang you carry around such heavy stuff D:

    Lol XD I never really finished the game, my brother deleted it before I can finish... btw, I'm a mac user, so it's not really a game friendly laptop :T also, I didn't join the Brotherhood. I talked to all those 3 villagers, and they're just the same as corrupted. So I did the odd thing, I killed the messenger that brought me here. That'll trigger a mission to destroy the Dark Brotherhood. Hmmm if you're using heavy weapons, then have you touched the Warrior Stone yet? It's located near a village near Whiterun. The place where you started. Go down the hill and there you will see 3 stones, like big ones. Touch the stone which you wanted to excel in, and it'll increase your ability by I forgot 10%? I heard the Thief Guild mission is really good.
    Hahahah calm down XD I get it

    Why the small version? I was planning on buying the XL version. Is it bad? I want the Blue Chrome one!! :D matches me name heheheh
    Lol XD that might look like someone died there, and then came back to life XD Lol

    Why youuuuu get back here!! ( ( ( (>O`u'O)> yeah I know how to fight, but I'm getting lose on my training lately... I can't have the free time as I used to before... now I barely have time to practice... better bring out a bigger umbrella then, or just use your cute bag to beat em up silly

    Yes you can :D actually it depends on the race you chose. Did you choose the Dark Elves or the Wood Elves? Dark Elves specialises in magic, as their beginning attributes have Intelligence and Magic boosted. Wood Elves are good with Archery. Humans have equal abilities, easy to form into anything the player wants. And as for the Red-skin guys and the Lizard one, i don't know yet, haven't tried those :/ To trigger the Dark Brotherhood Quest, you must go to Windhelm and trigger a quest where you have to answer a boy's prayer to kill the leader of an orphanage... somewhere (I forgot, it's been a long time since I played) and then after you killed the leader, go to sleep, then when you wake up you will be summoned face to face with a member of the Dark Brotherhood. She'll offer you to join her, because you have stole her kill (the orphanage leader). You have 3 villagers in front of you, you are given order to kill one of them. If you do kill one of them you will join the Dark Brotherhood. But if you kill that Dark Brotherhood member, you will fight against the Dark Brotherhood.

    Don't make me jealous even more!! DX oooooowh now I want a 3DS!! REALLY BADLY!!!!
    Huh? what holiday? It's still February...

    Actually that is kinda a cute bag XD Same here XD I put up a pissed off look on my face like "Mess with me and I'll kill you" face XD aaah 4 years of safety public transportation.

    Lol XD by job I mean are you an archer? mage? balcksmith? thief? or merchant? or warrior perhaps?
    yeah, there are over a hundred quests, could be 1000. Skyrim is so wide, it's impossible to finish all the missions. Oh!! have you accepted the Dark Brotherhood quest?
    Hahahahahah XD

    yeah I think you made the wise choice.... 7 is just too much to be compiled together with a thesis.

    no, I don't have a part time :'( I wished for it for a long time, but my assignments are just too overwhelming. And I also have trouble with time management. Thank you Yuki \(>_<)/ I can do this!! I'm gonna beat you Thesis!!!

    Yaaaay!! XD heheehheh I will add you once I have it, just don't get bored before I get the 3DS
    hahahaah that bag is adorable x3 and kinda blew out your cover, but not that much...

    You play Skyrim Yuki? XD How far are you? which job?
    Say it loud, say it proud, gurl! ( ^u^)/

    I know you can make it! 5 mandatory classes? I know how that feels... it's juts college fills these unimportant subjects that we have to pay to learn, then not using them at all in the future. It's ridiculous -_-

    You got a part time job Yuki? ;_; someday.... Someday! I will buy a 3DS for meself... and a PS4 too, cuz KHIII is coming up... I just hope my commissions will turn out well... but for now... I got a thesis to score.
    That's really late!, isn't it dangerous going back at that hour? Please be careful...

    WAHAHAHAHAHA it's funny how she gets abused by every player out there XD
    N-no... chocolate?! D: b-b-b-but... chocolate is healthy for the being and soul...

    Lol XD no one can resist those chocolates. But yeah, I guess you're right that you can focus on your thesis next semester. The best of luck for you Yuki :3
    I'm now having one class and my thesis to finish. So far, it did not turn out well... I kinda don't care for this Editorial class, but without it I can't pass... this sucks... but I'll have to finish this if I ever wanted to graduate...

    Akh!!! So JELLY!! now you have a PS3 too?? I'm again left behind by the gaming wagon D':
    what were you doing going home at 11 Pm?

    *blown away by Dragonborn*
    Hi Yuki :) how are you doing?
    that gastritis you got, are you feeling better? and sorry about your thesis on hold... I hope you haven't already paid the semester fee...
    Riku is good but to be honest Sora's well cute. I know that half of them have been turned in to keyblade wielders. Got any fave kh girl like Kairi or Olette?:)
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