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  • That is one long message XD and yeah, I've been there a lot :< sometimes I left the text wall of messages there for a long time until the internet is cut off. Then when I want to send it again, it directs me to the error page and I have to type everything all over again D: too many times... because of this it's best to copy all your message first then paste it (ctrl+a --> ctrl+c --> ctrl+v) sorry that you have to write these all over again Yuki D:

    Ok Yuki XD I'll stick to your shippings.
    Here XD it gets funny at 2:00

    Yeah XD he doesn't speak much in his Lets Plays. But this guy does :D he is currently the no.1 most subscribed person in Youtube. With more than 24 million subscribers, I don't even... >u< His most funny videos are rage games (like this Howler), he often gives so many comments on the game. I don't know if you follow Youtube, so this will take a while... Here's some funny montages that he made from Happy Wheels 1, 2, and 3. He usually plays horror games and he made so many montages of him playing too. Sorry for so many videos, I'm like his biggest fan XD HAHAHHAHA because of him I no longer fear playing horror games. I actually played Amnesia (that Indie game) and made it halfway. While two years ago I can't even take a step forward in the game XD Lol he just makes it funny and that nullifies my fears of the game.
    I just saw the trailer for The Fourth Kind. That's really interesting :D based on true cases huh.... >u>
    Hahahahah XD that is adorable. With the oldest or second oldest? Sometimes if I'm scared out of a scary movie, I just stayed in my bedroom, but unable to sleep ._. Your co workers sound cool Yuki XD do you just laughed out loud literally? XD I would be discouraged if I were to do that...

    Thank you Yuki (>ouo)> but for now... well... let's just keep it at that...
    Aw c'mon Yuki, you're not annoying. And even if you are, I'm sure there's someone that can withstand your negativity and accept you for who you are. I know it's just wishful thinking. Not everyone finds their only one that fast. But for now, just live your single life to the fullest gurl ( >u>)/
    no it doesn't sound depressing at all. It's the first time I heard a case like this... so I can't judge you for anything. well I'm no better myself... I got this complex with guys, I dunno why, but I'm a bit afraid to start having feelings towards the other. I guess it started when I was a kid (I was fat and not that pretty ok) and I got this crush on a guy. But deep in my mind I know that I'm not good enough and I'll end up being rejected. So I denied that feeling of adoration, well basically killed that feeling, until all I felt for him is empty nothingness. This keeps going until Junior High, and then Highschool, and even now... I guess what I'm afraid of is change, and the thought of being in a relationship will only bring me down. Too much to handle... So I guess, no dating for me until I can make money for myself... because boys are a burden. And they said girls are trouble... HAH!!

    hmm I think I have these PS1 games in storage somewhere... I forgot where I put them D: but I think we tried that before years ago. We put a PS1 game inside and it didn't work... I dunno, that was about 10 years ago XD I'll ask around and see if they can unblock it. And as for my brother... hmmm maybe I should wait until he's bored of the console, then I can get easy permission to unblock it. Cuz if I go unblocking the console without anyone knowing, I'll get into an argument with them. That's just annoying....
    Hahahahaha XD Aerith do look better on KH II, what about Crisis Core? Have you played it? I remember Aerith involved in the series... First Zack, now Cloud :p but I think Aerith is only interested in the love triangle between Cloud, Tifa, and herself, and not bearing any feelings towards Cloud, while Cloud have strong feelings for her, and Tifa being the end liking Cloud. So... yeah...

    Ok Yuki XD Bwahahahaha I don't mean to trouble you with the pyramid of books XD why not a chair? or a tripod? I'm sorry to bother you like this for the sake of seeing a character strip LOL

    YAY :D You did it!!
    I think I will watch it Yuki >_< I’ll put that in my bucket list first ok. So Mako is the brown haired one right? I kinda ship him with Nagisa XD they look like cute couples <3 I kinda like that cool blue haired dude, but he seems silent and spaces out very often (I dunno haven’t watched it yet but so far from the fan arts that I’ve seen so far pictures him that way)
    D’aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaww X3 Lil’ kittns~ yeah I like cats when they’re still small like this, but after that when they’re bigger, I lost all passion to pet them >_< sorry, I have a softer spot for puppies and dogs more. They tried to climb you? XD Hahahahaha Aaaaaw~♥ I think they see you as a human cat scratcher XD I had one stray tried to climb up my bag after I gave her some water. I couldn’t imagine seven climbing you at the same time XD you must be in kitten heaven. Hahahahah

    Wait, they’re timezone is the EST right? so, it’s still 2 days for me D: b-but Friday comes in 24 hours in here... b-but... BUT D’: *sniffs*
    oooh hahahah XD better not get caught Yuki. Btw, don’t glass windows reflect what’s on your monitor?

    Lol XD I jumped too at the part where he bangs the table. “I was unbalanced... again(BANG)” XD Heard the background sounds of him trying to yank his eye out with a spoon. Where he FINALLY got the spoon inside his eye (eeep) I felt disgusted when hearing this the first time, cupped both my hands on my mouth and breathed heavily. Omg so intense >w< I think he execute the story very well. Maybe it’s not to your liking then Yuki? Yeah that game creepy pasta is quite long, and you need to watch too, since it’s got visuals. It’s much more tense when you listen to it at night, I’ll wait till the weekends then. Sorry if it bothers your work Yuki D:
    Hahahaha XD did I mention he’s quite the pervert? and yeah, I listened to this at class too. So I’m holding in my fangirling squeels throughout class XD
    That Corpse Party scene is kinda off track for a horror game XD do you understand what she’s doing Yuki? with the ass medicine XD Lol
    IKR XD It’s a special Valentine fanfic that they picked out from the fans and have their voices recorded together. These two are known to play games together, so many fans paired them together. I hope your co workers don’t mind you Loling XD don’t they get suspicious? I’m glad you liked them all Yuki ^^

    Thanks for hearing me out Yuki :) There are still tons of worries, but I don’t want to bother you with it than I already have. You know the tagline: Conceal it, Don’t feel it, Don’t let it show.
    It’s not that having a sister is bad, it’s just... not that good for me... we had our fun times, but I guess our fun time is over...
    Wh-what? D: why won’t you marry? Do you mean the thought of getting married never crossed your mind or are you certain you don’t want to marry? D:

    Ah ok, I’ll ask them someday if they could. My version is the PS2 slim so I don’t know if it can withstand the changes. Is it more vulnerable or not, I gotta ask first then... and I still have to ask for my brothers’ permission since he still uses it for gaming. I don’t get why would anyone play Viva, Winning Eleven, Soccer Basketball games on the PS2, never liked those games... Lol XD well that beetle won’t bother Cloud now that he’s got Tifa in Advent Children. But she came back again in Kingdom Hearts... I’m hoping to see Vincent Valentine once KHIII comes out. It’s possible that Lightning joins in too. Not sure about Noctis tho...

    Kyaaaa HAHAHHAAAHA XD that would caught any girl off guard, or any guy.... c: ok, I’ll wait for the videos whenever you’re free ok. No need to hurry :D
    NO WONDER! I knew the art style is somewhat the same, and also they started as a quartet, but then another one shows up and gathered to become a 5 man team. Sounds kinda familiar, don't you think? And that guy stripping on the pool *Q* I need to watch this some other time. Do you have a cat Yuki? You seem to know so much about them :3

    You kinda remind me of that of his bitches... Can't... wait... for FRIDAAAY!!! XD GIVE US THE UPDATE ALREADY!!
    HAHAHAHA just don't forget about your work Yuki ^^ 2 months is a long way to go. Don't you think your boss can see you when she sticks her head out of the bookshelf? Or pulled out one of the books and peered at the hollow recess? Or creep behind you while you weren't looking. That's kinda creepy actually >_>

    Yeah, sorry if it's a lot. I just like this guys so much XD You... don't get what the Symmetry is about? D: I was hoping it grossed you out cuz i feel the same way... Ok ok if you want a good laugh, listen to the "fanfiction", "animated", "Corpse Party Ep3 34:45" link, for late night listen to the "4 compilation" and "a game" link. Then for a special occasion, listen to "*cough cough*" link. Sorry if it's so many and you're still at work. I hope I wasn't bothering you >_<

    sorry for all that ranting... I just hated that kid like you hated Aerith Lol XD It's ok to laugh really, I WANT you to laugh at him, because really he is pathetic. yeah I agree, I hope life smacks him in the face and butt, HARD. Ok ENOUGH of HIM. Don't want HIM to ruin my VMs with you ( O`^'O) hmph... well, me and my sister aren't in bad terms, but sometimes I just can't stand her. Whenever I tried asking something I don't know or don't understand, or just and important announcement through the family that escapes my mind, she would facepalm and regard me as slow, out of date, underestimated, like she doesn't consider me at all. And most of the time her voice just goes an octave higher than I thought from an answer I get. She just couldn't chill out. It's easier for her to burn a mental fuel, just like her mother. Everytime I talk to her it's just like that. So I stopped talking to her, saves many headaches for me to deal with. I know I'm not good enough to get into her level, I'm not smart, I'm not a fast learner, all I can do is draw, but that doesn't mean she can smother it all over my face... She has a boyfriend in German (but the same nationality) so they vid Skype every night. All those lovey-dovey things lovers do? yeah that. It just grossed me out. I can't sleep, I can't stay in the room, everytime I enter my room she'd say "Why are you here?" Then I would just say the same reply "This is also my room, duuuh." She'd Skype until late so I dosed off in the living room sofa all the time. Just anything to avoid that kind of atmosphere. Then she would complain to me sleeping on the couch. Now she goes abroad for her work. Four months... is just too short...
    Woah, that's one wall of text... sorry... I guess I needed my own journal to let this kind of thing out...
    Hahahah one boy at a time Yuki >w<

    You can unblock a PS2? How? SHOW ME!!
    Lol why do you hate her so much anyway? I don't specifically like her, but she's far away from my hate level... The part where Cloud undercovers as a girl and got hit by that boss? XD I would like to play the complete game one day...

    Thank you Yuki XD I'll look forward to your video Hahaahahah never thought that we'd be the one stripping. Them butts? XD Lol can't wait to see it. I hope he doesn't make (or hope for) erotic erratic poses before battle XD that would be so funny.

    I'm sure your friend enjoyed that bath scene too... although it's common for Japanese people to share a bath with each other, especially siblings... with the same gender or opposites. But yeah, some Yuri action would do this game and the gamers good... I think? I DON' KNOW!!
    Aaakh!! At least give me my moment Yuki!! *Chases after the running girl*

    Hahahahah what is the title of the anime? This is getting quite popular among girls... It's like K-ON!! But with all half-naked boys and a whole different club activity... RIght? RIght? Those kittens!! X3 (I'm more of a dog person but I just shoot rainbow lasers out my eye whenever seeing cute kittens) and.... I don't... know... about the tea... just... I DON'T KNOW!!! XD

    I think it's more of the future or an illusion, because Abel still got his scar mark on his lips. Or is it someone else? like Cain's previous bitch... maybe? He tends to mark his bitches with scars right? Wait! Why at work? D: it's NSFW Not Safe For Work!! Don't let your boss see D: and yeah, it's from THAT girl.. do you mean the mangaka or the tumblr host?

    Okay Okay XD I'm so excited to share creepy pastas with everyone XD (which is creepy when I think about it) I was listening to this guy narrating creepy pasta stories and he did a marvellous job doing this one. There's a whole list of him doing creepy pasta stories. One of the good ones are Mr. Widemouth, The Disappearance of Ashley, Ichbarr Bigelstein, World's Best School Psychologist and Children's Playground. Oooh! Listen to this 4 compilation, I like the title "Angel" at the end. Gives me shivers X3 There's even a game from a creepy pasta story. The guy playing is definitely freaking out and don't know what to do XD it's so funny cuz it's really rare of him to panic. And this one is an extra *coughcough* read at your own risk type. Lol XD he is kind of a pervert himself, he admits it in one of his Let's Play games. (I luv his voice X3 and when he does his crazy/evil laugh aaaah~♥ (see Corpse Party Ep 3 34:45 till end) and some fanfiction with Pewdiepie, also animated. (yaoi alert XD)

    IKR!! AND HE BLINKS TOO!!! XD HAHHAHAHA oh I think I can see the part where the youngest pleads to the mother. I understand if a girl does that, but this is a BOY we're talking about!! He just runs to her for shelter or something? Pfff loser...
    He calls me a retard, stupid, and all those cussings, he even talks and complains about me to my sister (abroad) through group phone chat when it's obvious that I'm just downstairs and it's clearly obvious that he can just confront me face to face. That coward! He's more of a girl than I thought he is. Ugh... just can't stand him. Can't wait to move out of here and not see his face again. Think he's better? HAH!! He even struggles to find the right major for his college! GO SUCK AN EGG!! (I'm sorry, from this message and forward the writer is so distraught that she went off the table and ate some bread and milk, next would be bread omelette, while cursing all the way until she feels a little bit better)
    See? SEE?? Having an older brother is waaaaaaay better D: well, a sister isn't bad either, when 2 girls have bonds with each other, they're almost unseparable, well... until now...
    Kyaaa~ no way!! I can't even get one, I can't even imagine having two! XD
    Don't worry Yuki, just add a thin moustache and a goatee beard and Voila! You're a guy!! :D

    Okay! :D
    Whoaah!! you have the console for FF I and II? or is it the emulator? and you still kept a PS1 XD that's so cool! I'll ask for directions one day to you on how to burn the game ok? But... I thought FF 7 was the best series ever D: or is it because you hated Aerith that much XD


    Bath scenes? on the second series? I think your friend would love to see Qoga, it's so echi every (straight) guy HAS to like that!
    Yuki you little-- GET BACK HERE ((((>O`_'O)> well one thing that's good in being short is that you can ninja almost anyone... I tend to disappear from one place to another without anyone knowing, especially my cousin. He's like "where did she go? D: she was here a second ago!" and found out that I was in a different isle of the store XD Lol

    Oooooooh~ I think I get it for a while there XD although I wouldn't thought those two got paired. Yes, they are contained!! Muahhahahahahah!!! So cute I could die!! InfiniTEA Lol have no idea what i'm doing right now
    Aaaaah /)(>_<)(\ this better be worth it, I NEED TO KNOW why Abel and Cain is separated !! oh yeah, here it is, the content is NSFW so be careful. btw I found the English translations just now. Have you read 7 Days? it's about Sora and Riku against bullying, but it's not translated yet, but them pics *0*
    Oh YUki! are you a fan of creepy pastas? :D

    I dunno.. somehow I see it that the youngest of the siblings is mostly the spoilt one (excluding you @_@) but this one is just UNACCEPTABLE!! He's already 17 and still act like a spoilt little girl. Even I'm the better man than he is hmpph!!! Aside from that, I kinda envy you for having a bigger brother, from what I see, big brothers tend to care for his little sister more.
    That's alright Yuki, that was years ago and I'm ok with it... well, I do still feel... uncomfortable... whenever seeing other kids having this bond with their father. Kinda miss him... he left too sudden and too soon... but enough with the depressing atmosphere, hope we get our own better hubbies for our kids huh ;) *pokes*
    mhmm, kind of the combination of both.... maybe that's why I can look like a boy when all my hair is pulled back (Mulan mode lol)

    Wooooah!! I can download any game from this website?? and all I need is Alcohol 120% and an empty CD? *DIES* KH II FINAL MIX!! FINALLY!! WAAHHAHAHAH thank you Yuki XD
    oh so that's how it works... choosing between girls eh? So far Ar Tonelico is a fanservice for boys >_> I wish there's an Ar Tonelico for girls. that would be so cute~ or awkward... or just plain-- *nosebleeds*

    Definitely! and not having to run around asking for a game that they don't have in store. This will be useful someday :D thank you
    D'aaw X3 oh you! I don't think I'm able to cosplay her hahahha probably make me the same haircut as her, but that's about it...

    wait so... who is supposed to be the food?? the shark?? but these are... cute ~♥ oh here's for you too Yuki http://i.imgur.com/0KFmENA.png don't know how they get there.... >..> and WHY isn't THAT out yet?? I've been waiting for a full week! I can't believe it D: is there a delay on the update? also, I finally have LOVELY DEVIL!! *sqeeeeee* XD it's still in Espanyol, so I thought you might already understand. You want it? :3

    aaaaah yes kids grow up so fast >_< hope she grows up into a well behaved girl. I know the feels, I used to ruffle my cousin's hair (Aqua style) when he was a small child and ok with it, but now he just avoids my hand and instead gives off a goofy laugh XD but still adorable
    Naah, it's just that parental divorce is something that no child should ever go through... so I'm guessing you're not close with your other half brothers? Lol XD I think he just names his kids whatever he likes best, and a fan of the letter R XD I think that's cute that you all have something in common as siblings. My family consist of me, my older sister, and two younger brothers (the youngest is a pure and genuine bitch btw) plus my mom. She runs the house, but that nagging I couldn't stand... (I swear she's turning like my granma everytime she complains about something) my father is gone since I was 8, we've been like this ever since, although I felt that it scarred me for life, I'm doing just fine :) and I somewhat have my father's face, some of my aunts and uncles said so when I was a kid, but now they say I look like the combination of my father and my aunt XD it couldn't get any confusing than this Lol

    I will >_< I'll search for the first game as soon as I have free time. and maybe I can burn the game myself... with a mere Nero? hmmm... I'll try...
    can't we choose all the girls? like 6 at the same time XD Lol just takes way too much time finishing 6 endings for 6 girls...

    oooh hahah when you mention Alcohol 150% I thought you were gonna really burn something or an object XD I'll try burning a game then, I wouldn't thought that it would be that easy...
    Thank you :3 no, I don't have her haircut, but soon >:D and my eyes are definitely not blue, and this char is definitely much prettier than me XD Lol right now my hair is just too short to be shaped to anything... soon... very soon...

    Lol thank you Yuki X3 but the zombies are pushing me to do my work more... which i really should... they're threatening >_> gotta get them off my back

    Ah ok... that's one big family, auntie Yuki :3 is she adorable??
    yes mothers can be strict, but at least you were close :) I'm sorry if any of this is hard to talk about.. I'll drop the topic if you want, don't want you to feel uncomfortable...
    woah! 5 older brothers?! talk about jelly >_> jelliiiiezzz

    I think I played the second one, but I'm not finished yet... I kinda left it in the dust once the semester started, and played it in the middle of the night or dawn when everyone is asleep, cuz the battle sounds from the girls are just... y'know what I mean >_>
    Hahaahah XD i can see a character development here, and this sounds like a harem genre, where there are so many girls going after this one boy. And here I thought the presents you were mentioning are diamonds and accessories and all the like, because girls. But meat? XD that was unexpected.
    wh-- burner?! 150% alcohol?! D:
    well, I was thinking of putting in my KH character to Skyrim, here, I'm currently working on it, so it's not finished yet, but you get the idea ^^

    Sorry >_< yeah, I gotta catch up to my deadlines, can't believe I still can't catch up with my works in the weekends... you'll be seeing a lot of zombie me for the next 6 months Yuki XD Lol

    Hahahah I know she wants you to stay teehee XD so you're leaving the internship then...? You and your mother seem close :3 that's good. Do you have any other siblings?

    O_O I think this is close as a hentai as it gets... I want to play this game...
    Thank you for showing me these Yuki XD I kinda like the 3rd girl's body and how she angles it right, although the 4th one is kinda cute too... the first one is cute too :3 fufufu This is so funny,cuz girls will DEFINITELY strip in front of you if you give them meat. LOL XD It is a shame that we didn't get to see the lower parts of the girls' :< but this is just exciting! (need to play this quietly once I get the game, hope my mom doesn't find out later)
    meow mew.... purrrrr
    I think I wanna be a human with dark hair and icey blue eyes, or make a Riku XD
    D'AAAAAAWWW ////>.<//// don't worry bb I'll protect you!!

    Hey hey now, Korra and Katara has dark skin and blue eyes! and also this gal from Wolf's Rain (her name is Blue :3) it's, like, better cuz the eyes pop out in contrast with the dark skin, so don't say that it ain't work for dark skin *waving sassy fingers* EDIT: I just re read what your sentence meant, and too lazy to rewrite them again, so yeah! AWESOMENESS!! <3 (it's 4:30 in the morning when I started typing this ok XD)

    (b^u^)b ask away child! so who's the first person that has the same opinion? and who is the other three who says otherwise?

    well she did ask if I was hurt, for a split second. I said that I only scratched a skin, then back to complaining about the fridge. hah. well, she is kind of a materially concerned woman. She's even more concerned about the bike rather than my bleeding knee when I think back about it pfffLol XD but nonetheless, that's her, I just hope she lets it go. And I really am sorry...

    Hahahah XD that's one dedicated fan!

    ok Yuki X3 POST THEM NOW!!
    Hahahahah XD be careful on the road Yuki

    Wait, Farkas is a Nord? what's the difference between a Nord and a Human? I WANNA PLAY SKYRIM NOOOOOOOWWW!!! *rolls on broken chair* I wanna marry him right here right now!!! (ok I sound really creepy) but srsly I miss the game >_< we can marry the same gender? well that's.... new...? I never knew that D:

    Those are definitely contacts. Man I want them >_> I'd look so badass and when people see me they'd be like "Woah!!" and backs away XD
    ikr? he sometimes flashes her to the camera at the end.

    Money is another thing, I guess, it's better to keep your health than money. When you graduate, then you can think about money :D yeah, that kinda diminishes your confidence a little, but if it means keeping me in a job, I'd make my special brew of tea and coffee >:3 fufufu~

    well, my mom found out, she was furious and asked me what happened. I said I tripped and fell. That's it. But she keeps asking me how did I fell. *sigh* well that's the end of it....

    I only did it twice XD not gonna do it again cuz I'm so not going to write the same thing again and again. I do hope that they listen to us too... I even added an "Original Keyblade" to the merchandise option XD and there's a Wayfinder?! Why didn't I see it in the stores??
    Ah I'd look the other way and ignore >_> but I don't know if it's different cases here and there. And you're like this street gangsta gal that wears a cap, a smug face, and an adorable backpack XD yup!!

    Go and level up those thief skills first and GET THAT GUY!!! XD Lol I wonder if there are anyone else in the game that we can marry? When I saw Farkas turn into a werewolf I thought I might choose him as my suitor :3 but that dang brother of mine had to ruin it for both of us and deleted the game before I can figure out how to get him. I want to put the game in my laptop, but I'm afraid that I'd get distracted and left my thesis for Skyrim XD

    IKR? Their voices are so in sync! And I think it's mostly that beatbox guy and bassist (the guy with the blue highlights) that made the background music. (I want those eye contacts >_> they would be perfect for Riku cosplay)
    OOOH!! I've seen this guy before! His crazy hair is like his trade mark, and his black cat too XD I listened to his Aerith Theme before, it was awesome! The Sonic theme is crazy!! How did he do the starting of the song?! XD
    Yeah :D you can manipulate the pitch using Shift key too, it's a shame the beat player couldn't play :<

    Aaw geez D: when will your internship end? Hang in there Yuki, it's good for the money only. Oh, and my sister sent me this, I hope these tips are helpful.

    Lol :D Hahahahh funny enough, she didn't notice the dent on the fridge door, it's quite an old refrigerator, but looks modern enough to be suspicious of if there's ever a dent on it. Well, it's a Saturday, she might see it once she decides to take out ingredients, and I may have to tell the truth and show my broken chair ( ._.)

    Oh have you tried the Kingdom Hearts Survey? They added it today to ask for our voices.
    Same here, I even covered my laptop with an extra bag to hide its identity. Just making sure people won't think that it's a laptop. And never make eye contact with strangers, who knows you'll get hypnotised >_< it's just a dangerous place here.
    Make em strip!! Give me those pics *_*

    *GASP* How did you turn into a werewolf? Are given a skill for it?
    It's so cool Yuki XD but the background beats on the upper left won't work on my laptop. I need beat support! Feeling like a DJ right now!! XD

    Have you heard this version of Daft Punk? They're Pentatonix and it's pure acapella *-* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MteSlpxCpo
    This made me watch old music videos of Daft Punk, it's a continuous anime story on each music vid they did. It's amazing XD

    Gah D: I guess all we can do is wait... *sitting idle on the shore of The Realm of Darkness* (with a dented refrigerator behind me)

    Oh does that mean you're like an intern? hmm one way to please a boss is... I dunno, I guess it depends on the individual. Just make sure to get on her good side... Lol XD I did that too, I always came in early back in my internship to open Skype, KHi, and Chi. No one suspects a thing khekkhekhekhe....
    Aaaaaaaa so cool that you can bring it everywhere, like when you're bored, just pop it open and voila! Instant entertainment!! XD
    ..........I want to play the Qoga >_> call me perverted, but I'd play that game instantly ( OuO) I'd be more horrified if it was a guy doing that, for realz

    Oh THAT guy!! In Whiterun mercenary headquarters right? Can he turn you into a werewolf too? Forget the Greybeards!!! Trololololololol

    Kyaaaa~ you really did marry him!! XD just don't let him die ok? but if he dies just conjure him up again and you can have his corpse with you all the time (ok maybe I read too much crepypastas to make me think like this) but on another note, CHECK THIS OUT!! If you're familiar with Daft Punk

    Heheheheee I'll get to talk to him XD

    Oh that's good I guess... at least you have a place to buy it with price cut. hmmm yeah... but but but I thought it was going to be this year D: I WANT KH III NOW!!! *rolls around the bed*
    (actually I'm on my desk and chair... and my chair... well it broke. I just woke up this evening to meet up the 2 hour Lut, then sat on my chair and desk as always. Then my dog starts barking frantically, so I tried to get up and check the door, see if anyone is outside. The thing is lately I did not push my chair back to get up. I jumped over the arm rest and set my foot on the floor. That's what I've been doing because it makes a racket when I push it back. But this time I was a bit drowsy and don't have the right mind. So when I was resting my foot on the armrest, the chair unexpectedly tilted to the side and I fell along with the chair, breaking one of the back leg on impact. It's an old dinner chair, so I just replaced this one with the other chair. Moreover, the chair scratched the fridge behind me and made a dent. Now, that we all know that it's visible, my mother is going to kill me in the morning.)

    Haaaaa!!! LOLOL XD I hope your boss doesn't find out about you using the phone XD btw, what do you work as Yuki?
    aaaw that's too bad :/ well at least you got lots of fun right? :3
    are you there yet?

    Oh yes those Hagravens. Have you met any Vampires yet? There's a half beast a.k.a Werewolf there too. Hahahah I see you use your potions well :D

    Ok XD I'll have to knock him out and send him to you first before we can start the acid bath XD unless... I can convince him to put Skyrim back to the PC >:3 fufufu~~

    Move here Yuki, you can play all the games you want (>;_;)> but bring your consoles, cuz I only have a PS2... wait, then how do you afford a PS3?
    hmmm it might be possible... I'd give it a shot if I know what I'm doing... but you'll need to rely on the help of your friend if there is ever a confusion. And ask the store clerk for information on how to do it... it does seem like you're desperate...
    Are you still on holidays Yuki? That's weird... you know you can teleport right? If you discovered a place on you map, you can teleport to that place. But you have to discover the place first. What the hell is a man on fire doing on the 1000 steps to the throat of the world?? Is he chasing you or something? what's the quest?

    Oh no no not the dragons, I meant the witch and the man on fire. I thought they appeared at the same time... woah fire and ice at the same time :O did you defeat them according to their elemental weakness?

    No, he completely erased everything before going to get it fixed... so had to download it all over again... yeah I'll need a couple of shovels and an acid bath that's all....

    That price is CRAZY!! D: I heard it from Lenneth that all prices are doubled to tripled the original price, but... dayum... or just buy them off Amazon or eBay? They usually cost less...
    oh now I see the complications... what will you do when it bricks? if you want to unblock it, you should have a back up plan. How are you going to fix it? Where? How much? etc etc.
    OMG YUKI RUUUUNN!! LOLOLOL XD WAAAAHAAHAHAHA THAT WAS CHAOS!! It was just right beside Riverwood, up the staircases, you have to walk like 1000 stairs to reach the greybeard's mountain. watch out for traps tho. Didn't you read the map? If you open the map and then the quest menu, it'll show you the exact location of your objective. Give it a try!
    Aaaaw don't worry Yuki (>^u^)> you'll get used to the surroundings when you get stronger.
    I think you can plan to have them meet up, then escape quietly, let them fight each other, then when one of them is left, kill it.

    Oh wow!! That's neat *0* I gotta try that... someday ;_; I miss Skyrim...

    why would you want to unblock your PS3 anyway? it's risky to you PS. Or is it because the cost of games there are too high priced? D: you can always borrow the game from your friend, and have turns playing. Then you won't have to buy it. or... I'm missing the case here...
    I wasn't at first, but his interviews are charming, I think I'm starting to like this guy :3 Yeah, that's cute too XD but I like his impression on Jane a lot, he nails it pretty good.

    I think there's Aqua and Ventus' armour mod too. and a few Keyblades.
    Lol XD I don't know if it'll affect the performance of our character in battle. Why not do some research Yuki? (by research I mean cheat guides to faster leveling)

    Oooh so you can do that to a PS3 :O I don't know about that, I heard my friend did it, but on a consequence, she can't use any other CDs rather than her own, she sometimes borrow games from her friend, but now that her PS3 is pirated, she can't use original discs anymore... or so I've heard...
    I'd take the safest way Yuki :< if you tweak something that you can't fix, then I'd suggest you take care of your PS3, cuz that costs a lot to buy plus the fixing part. Yeah, not a good idea to ask here... you'll get caught or the majority will disagree with your idea. Better to google it and find some forums that talks about it.
    I gotta watch that again some other time XD well, he looks like he regrets what he was doing... I laughed so hard when Anthony was told to pretend to have an orgasm. But he is very patient till the end of the interview (luv 'im :3) he's such a cool guy~<3 hmmm i dunno, maybe 15 - 20 minutes. Even the first minute made me laugh:
    "I'm not a good interviewer"
    "That's a fair assumption."

    *flies immediately to your house* ( ( ( ( >OuO)>

    I think you can download them through piratebay, or look at youtube mods for examples. I've seen the Organisation cloak and keyblade available for download. Or just visit the official website (which I do not know of...) they even have Terra's armour!! *0*
    There are flowers growing in winter? um.. well... yeah... but I dunno their names >_< you hafta go there urself and explore the terrain... um, maybe you already know this, but when you play your character and don't let them eat or sleep, they'll do just fine right? Probably when you talk to people around they'll tell you that you look pale, and ask if you're alright. But you'll live nevertheless (one of the players who never let their character rest). But there is this mod that lets you know that you can go hungry. And if you don't eat, you'll die :D which is great, cuz there's a reason you'll collect food and keep eating.

    ....what do you mean by unblock?? I'm sorry but I'm not an expert of PS3 i don't have one myself ( ._.) maybe you can ask the folks in the fanclub...?
    This is so stupidly funny XD they tried so hard. And he actually DRANK the coughed water!! XD Even Ian is grossed out! He looked mad? He doesn't look like it o_O YES YOU CAN!!! LOL I was laughing my lungs out too. Good thing there was no one at home. "heheheh that's a silly question" >:D

    If I stop listening, I'll get complained at... they'll say "why won't you listen? WHY?"

    I didn't! D: I always focus on the red bar, I never even bothered to look at the names... hmm maybe... I think you're right. I'll just have to pay attention next time... Come to think of it, my brother did downloaded some mods in Skyrim. He tweaked the lockpick modes so lockpicking Master and Professional chests and doors feels like a beginners, Added clear skies that shows planets and stars, I think there is a magic skill where you can burst plants out of you hands, and even storms. I think that's where the dragon organs come from. The mods maybe...
    I'm sorry I just had to post this and show this to you >_< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5K2AI44XI0s

    I guess we'll have to wait till next week, or you could play Skyrim for a month then viola 4 new continuous pages :D

    I don't think they will... they also complain when I gain weight a few years ago... so I just don't know what they want @_@

    naaah I think all you have to do is open the first page and it instantly gives you a new mission... wait... those dragons have names?? =O I NEVER KNEW THAT!!! I just bash them until they're dead!!
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