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    Square Enix Working On New Vita/PS3 Title. Possibly Kingdom Hearts?

    I'm not sure if this has been posted or not. But this is the link to the article. Enjoy :) Square-Enix Working on New PS3 and Vita Action-RPG - PS3 News at IGN
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    Red Eye

    Well, we all know that "Heartless who's name escapes me right now, but was the boss in Beast's Castle in KH2." Darkthorn? Anyways, Aqua fights Red Eye in the realm of Darkness. And RE resembles Darkthorn very much. Darkthorn is still in chains when Sora&Co fight it. What if Aqua ends up being...
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    Final Mixes

    Now I have my old Ps2 still, and have a friend that can get me the two games and magic swap at a fairly low cost. But I don't know Japanese for siht. So my question is to anyone who has played the final mixes(Either one of em, or both) Is it really worth it, if I can't read any of it...
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    Need help with Mr. MF himself

    So I finally beat VS. And got ultima weapon. and now i'm trying to work on MF. Does anyone have tips? Like what commands, shotlocks, keyblade, strategies, etc. Cause I get owned. Please&thankyou(:
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    Quick question

    I beat all three stories and final episode on normal. And I just beat Terra's story on proud, and it prompted me to make a new final episode data. Is is the same episode each time around?
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    Ven Fighting Heartless?

    It shows that when MX was training Ven, he wouldn't give into darkness. MX was training him against NeoShadows though. I thought that Xeahenort the Apprentice was the one who discovered the heartless. So why would there be Neoshadows in the prequal? Idk, maybe I missed something, or maybe I'm...
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    Has anyone got the bundle yet?

    I know that quite a few people have gotten the game already. But I'm wondering if anyone has the bundle. If so, could you lemme know what exactly is in it? Please and Thank you
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    So anybody think that gamestop will let me buy early?

    Cause I'm gonna try on Monday :D
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    Gamestop is selling the guide!

    I just walked in, and picked mine up today. He opened the shipment. First one to get a guide in Roseville :D I know that people have the game already, and its being streamed on but I was just putting it out there. If anyone has any one particular question, I'd be happy to look it up...
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    Anyone Preorder The Guide

    At amazon? I feel like an idiot for doing so. They're telling me that I might not get it til the 14th. Honestly I'd rather shell out the extra 6 bucks to get it the day the games released. This is my first time preordering something from Amazon. So if anyone knows any info on this. It's much...
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    Well, that was interesting.

    KH Wiki posted: "As stated by Nomura in an interview, when a Heartless gets destroyed by the Keyblade and its heart joins with Kingdom Hearts, and then its Nobody dies, it makes them become whole again. However, when a Nobody is destroyed before its corresponding Heartless, since it has nowhere...