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    Unlocking all Birth by Sleep has to offer?

    *spoilers* So I recently beat Terra-Xehanort as Aqua, which to my knowledge counts as clearing the Final Episode. On my theatre mode, I have Terra, Aqua, Ven, Final Episode, and Where the Heart Goes. There are two '???', but no Blank Points :confused:
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    Unlocking all Birth by Sleep has to offer?

    So you're saying that the original PSP game that was released in the west had no separate secret ending, and that after beating the final episode you had unlocked all the story content? I was sure there was a secret move as well.
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    Unlocking all Birth by Sleep has to offer?

    As it's hard to get a definitive answer online, could someone help me fill in the pieces about the 'endings' of Birth by Sleep and how to unlock them in 2.5? I'm playing in standard mode but the parameters for all modes would be useful. So far, to my understanding, we have: Final Episode ending...
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    News ► Free Roxas & Sora Lithograph with Preorders of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 in Europe!

    Just to be clear, if I preordered 2.5 normal edition from a third party website (Gamecollection), I won't get the lithograph? Also, it says with all editions, but I cant seem to find the options to order the normal edition from the official website.
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    Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Cinematics Available Now

    Ooh that's cool. Sora's voice will take some getting used to though, as someone who hasn't played DDD.
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    Dream Drop Distance HD Confirmed in X[chi]?

    The question is, will the game be in stereoscopic 3D? I'm sure the answer is a big fat no, although that would be quite odd for a game officially called "Kingdom Hearts 3d".
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    What are these problems with 2.5?

    So is there any chance these bugs will ever be fixed by Square Enix?
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    1080p Confirmed Yet?

    Thanks for the clarification. That explains why I found 1.5 to have a better resolution than most other PS3 games. As for the framerate, an action-orientated game like KH could really use 60fps. You may have noticed that in the 100 Acre Woods minigames in ReCom, the framerate increases...
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    1080p Confirmed Yet?

    That's a shame :/ Not sure why the box art says 1080p though.
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    Revised Famitsu Interview with Nomura Fully Translated

    "Due to size issues, in the KH 358/2 Days (hereon Days) cinematic work included in KH1.5 we left out combat and just went with text intermissions that explained, but many fans pointed out that it was a shame, and that weighed on me. As KH Re:coded didn’t have the volume of Days, we were able to...
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    1080p Confirmed Yet?

    Is there a source for this? My TV detects the game as running at 1080p, and it says as much on the back of the box. Certainly, the difference for me is noticeable between 1.5 and other similarly cartoony 720p games like Ni No Kuni.
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    1080p Confirmed Yet?

    Does anyone know if 2.5 runs at full 1080p? I don't know why it wouldn't, but just wanted confirmation. It was great in 1.5 and with a colourful vibrant game like Kingdom Hearts it makes a big difference over 720p.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Scenes in English!

    Awesome, we've been waiting for these for a few years :) At first glance, the voice acting seems higher quality than the Days movie, which is pretty cool.
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    NOT SPOILERS: Something really cool about the Re:Coded movie.

    I'm pretty sure 1.5 had the updated model too. Take a look at this old thread I made: http://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-hd-1-5-remix/180030-closer-look-hd-remixs-widescreen-new-pics-added.html
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    10 Minutes of KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMix Gameplay

    I agree with Nazo, I think you've sold me on the PS3 version! Aqua looks way better in terms of textures. When you consider the the second pic, it seems very much like SE added a blurred depth of field in the background on purpose as an improvement. Also, the YouTube footage can't compare to...