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  • and alex is my name not yours and im mad becase you like him and not me or nick very good choices is i have anything to stay your only here for 1 year make a better choice and let me be yours ok bye :(
    i dont care about this site any more thats that bye alexandra91 have fun with gross preston gross wow are you high you must be if your dating him o well i guess you like ugly guys good day bye
    im so hungry ill make sure to post on daily days maby on friday sat sun and every other day i seee your lovly face just blurting out words how rude off me lol :)
    im alex to your great man i need to really do sum, stuff on this web site how much exp do you have on here
    hi just wanted to say that i do like you and im sorry that im not in the way like preston but if i do i would be creepy myself anyways ill see what happens even tho you switched bus dang it i like everthing about you in every way possable im not a mean person all the time just leting you know im sorry but i just cant handle this i had 2 DREAMS ABOUT YOU NO JOKE IM SUPRISED MY SELF ok kelle thanks for being so tight and i like you that will be all for now
    I just like you that's all and Preston thinks of only one thing he always looks at your ass like a pervert and least I respect you all thevway to not do so Nick is fine he is my step brother :) just saying. :)
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