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    hi im brian l shannon im new to this and i raed wat u wrot about the 3rd game of KH and i was wondering if u can keep me up on the news eavn tho i dont have a ps3 or wat ever it will b on but im planning on getting it cause i lov the games i only have 3 of them and the books to im a big fan of KH so plz if u wat to keep me updaited
    @joc- no need to be a douche.

    Come again?


    Anyway, welcome to KHI, enjoy your stay, any further questions refer to the FAQ under the site banner or you may feel free to ask me questions.

    Btw if it ever seems that we staff are bashing your ideals, theories etc. most of that is unintentional so try not to take it to heart. Mistakes happen, and when you make them you gather the flaws from the last, pic up the pieces, and try again based on those flaws only perfected and refined into a better thread.
    I'm sorry that the mods are you treating this way, the lot of them are scum of the earth.
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