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Recent content by Xnairb

  1. Xnairb

    Regarding Master Xehanort

    I feel like MX should succeed. He should bring about the keyblade war (hopefully at the keyblade graveyard), have Neo Organization 13 fight Sora & co., generate the X-blade, then Xehanort will use that to open Kingdom Hearts, he'll get super powered up by its power, and then Sora has to fight...
  2. Xnairb

    [Spoiler]KH:3D - Starting from a clean slate, seriously now?

    The action commands are not cannon. Nomura always wants to have a different feel to the gameplay for each portable game, while keeping the same method of gameplay for the big number games. KH3 will have the same action menu as KH1 & 2. If things like that were cannon, why wouldn't Sora have all...
  3. Xnairb

    BBS Boxart Contest Winner Is...

    Congrats to all of the winners! They all look really great! I really like Grapy's, with the young Sora and Riku in the background fighting. I bet this is asked a lot, and I bet I'm gona get yelled at for asking it here, but what happened to that other contest? The Days caption contest?
  4. Xnairb

    Kingdom Hearts makes "Top 30 Games Of The Past Decade"

    I bet they take things into account, like how popular it is accross age groups, and how large of a fanbase it has. Not just how good the game is
  5. Xnairb

    secret trailer

    It could be related to the mystery KH game. We don't know much about it, so that would be a nice little surprise for us all
  6. Xnairb

    its becoming absurd

    Virgil, don't double-post. and no need to get so riled up about it, the dream reference is just regarded as "the worst premise of a game/movie/story ever".
  7. Xnairb

    A question about Zack...

    It also has a screen shot of Aqua, Mickey, and Kairi. But the main focus is Zack
  8. Xnairb

    Which world for BBS?

    So as many of you know, there is probably only one more world to be confirmed for BBS. The way I see it, it could be one of two worlds; Atlantica or Pride Rock. They both have a childhood un-explored by KH, and they both have been worlds. Even though everyone is leaning towards Atlantica, I'm...
  9. Xnairb

    Riku's blindfold

    I always figured he fought much like Dare Devil, probably because the first time I really saw him fight was in the rain
  10. Xnairb

    Ven and his wooden sword

    I don't think they need to get any more symbolic about the connection between Ven and Sora. They already look nearly identical! I think it could be that Ven doesn't have his keyblade yet, but maybe Ven and Vanitas have a keyblade struggle, kind of like between Sora and Riku near the end of KH1
  11. Xnairb

    Ven and his wooden sword

    It didn't look like they were training, they were sitting down on a ledge, kind of zoned out. And even if they were training, why wouldn't Ven train with his keyblade?
  12. Xnairb

    Ven and his wooden sword

    In the new BBS scans, everyone seems to be directing all of their attention to Ienzo, and I don't think anyone else noticed this. In one of the screen shots of Terra, Aqua, and Ven sitting together in their home world (Terra sitting very much like Riku and Ven sitting very much like Sora might I...
  13. Xnairb

    Gameinformer's top 200 games of all time

    I wasn't really sure where I was supposed to put this, but since the FOKH is supposed to be the place for general KH related topics, I decided to put it here. In the most recent issue of Gameinformer, their 200th issue, they decided to rattle off the top 200 games of all time. Games from Tetris...
  14. Xnairb

    Vexen Memorial Day 11.12

    It's so that we know in advance, so we can grieve properly. lol