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    I saw a perfect video on youtube of how someone tape themselves playing wii so my question is how do you record wii footage and make it clear to see
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    College Basketball

    The season has just started and already some big losses such as Duke losing to Marquette and Kansas vs. Oral Roberts. Who is your favorite team and who do you think will have a good season and tournement.
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    Man U

    thank you finally, a sports section anyway...... Sadly Manchester United lost yesterday to Celtic. Nakamura made a fantastic shot. Shortly after that.... Louis Saha gets a PK but gets blocked......and loses Now United must win to stay alive in the champions' league. discuss, do u think Man...
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    How Much Would You Pay?

    Re: How much more? 1st part of your quote: i agree 2nd part: Madden 07 hall of fame edition is 60.00 at game stores such as gamecrazy so that part is not all right
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    Official NFL Discussion

    Ok, we are 5 games into the NFL season and have 3 undefeated teams. Which teams do you support and who do you think will stay undefeated and many other things? My team the redskins are 2-3 but i think will go 12-4, what do you think about your teams? I support 5 teams but my 2 favorites...
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    Gameplay CoM

    are u kidding me? i have used many combos in kh2
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    Gameplay CoM

    I know that but i just don't like using the cards
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    Gameplay CoM

    ya thats true..... o well.....
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    Gameplay CoM

    i hope, no one knows yet though
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    Gameplay CoM

    The gameplay i hope will be easier than the gba version, but why did they bring back the cards :thumbdown:
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Re: KH2 Final Mix + Secret Movie + Next CoM? yay more kh to come yay i cant wait.......
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    locoroco for psp is pretty good, the music is ok but the gameplay is great
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Bleach

    You don't have to make four threads about this, get a mod to delete some of them
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    Has anyone seen ATL? I really like i , its has a good message and its sorta funny T.I. was a good actor
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    Madden 07

    What Team in madden 07 do you use i like to use the patriots and a team i created