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    FF/KH High School

    okay this is my first RPG thing!lol this is back when the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts characters where in high school.Something crazy and stupid happens everyday!.You can be more than one character and also have a friggen sweet rides. You can choose if you want to be a teacher of which...
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    Girls what would u like to see in guys

    I made this tread cause I've been seeing soom guys with girl trouble, plus! I belive this will make it easier for them to understand us, if we wrote down what we would expect from a guy! NO!!! This is not a date thread!!! it's just for an new perspective from a girls point of view! And yeah...
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    Disney Family

    ok this is exacly like a disney family but wth a little twist the boys will have to pick girl diney charecters and the girls will have to pick boy diney charecters lol injoy but there will be know curssing so please have fun and injoy the thread rules rule#1:is rule number to rule #...
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    WTF/embarrassing moments?? x

    Like the title says ^_^ post ur most WTF or embarrassing moment here My WTF moment was when i was coming back from skool and this drunk guy was running down the road with a chain of paper dolls in his hand saying LOLOLOLOLOL PRINCESSES!!! :o_O: My most embarrassing time was in skool when I was...
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    Join the Hell Bunnyz family

    If your just plain crazy join here We'll need... A king: Randomizer A queen: Kiss of Death Princesses: xkairi619x, Dawning Twilight, Nobodys Angel Bodyguards: khchick, Princes: Knights: Keitaro Urashima , Loyal subjects: Servants: phoenixfire(toilet cleaner), Towns people: or some1...
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    Kingdom Hearts Forum Vending Machine

    Here's how it goes: I will start off by writing *inserts coin* and then the next person that posts will tell me what i get and write *inserts coin* to continue the chain Ex: xkairi619x *inserts coin* You: You Get a pet monkey named bob! So i will start *inserts coin*
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    Hiya x

    hi ppl i'm new i hope i have fun and make lots of friends here