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    358/2 Days Official Strategy Guide by BradyGames [PINOCCHIO WORLD INCLUDED??]

    They wouldnt use a Cheat Code because first Its a Official Game Guide(meaning its not for Cheat Codes) and Second SE already took out Pinocchio's world.... if you havnt read the quote or interview...
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    Erase Me (Ven's Request)

    I dont get it... Why would he say "Erase Me"? when he could have Said "Erase My Memories" to be more specific.
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    Changing the Days Voice Actors

    Well all I have to say is, Get the original VA's for KH2 for Kairi and Namine and stay with Xion Voice actor for days.
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    Hooded Figure Before Twilight Thorn??

    BTW the Mysterious voice is Mickey, its stated by Nomura in the KH Ultimania thing.
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    358/2 Days Official Strategy Guide by BradyGames [PINOCCHIO WORLD INCLUDED??]

    Cool now they have a cover for the Game Guide! Gamestop.com - Buy Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Official Stategy Guide - Nintendo DS
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    KH 358/2 Days Review

    at least give it a 8.5 or 9..
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    Why was Pinocchio's world removed in 358/2 days?

    Well since due to brady games saying there is a pinocchio world we might have "our" chances. but since that quote from the interview states that having this world would steal Xion's thunder, and so they deleted it. In other words it is a 50/50 chance that we might get the Pinocchio world, MIGHT.
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    Changing the Days Voice Actors

    She sounds Bland... thats a bad thing
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    Think'll they'll be nice?

    agreed, anyways there not going to screw it up~ Lets just say we put our Hands in there pockets.. I think thats how that saying goes?
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    358/2 Days platform?

    No there is not rumors...
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    Changing the Days Voice Actors

    Yeah they were better voice actors... I MISS THEM!!!
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    Xehanort an Unveresed??

    I believe there just Darkness... Just Darkness no hearts.
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    Think'll they'll be nice?

    Ok I think I made a mistake saying Week, I meant to say "The Next Weeks".
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    Think'll they'll be nice?

    I dont really care what they do, be grateful the game is coming here in the next week.
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    Slight possiblity.

    Maybe it isnt physical.. Maybe its Mental like a Memory when you look at someone and remember them in time.. SO when Sora was Little he saw Ven, Riku saw Terra? everything is connected with memories even though you might not remember it is still there.