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Recent content by XionXIVRikuXV

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    Hidden Thoughts, Forgotten Memories

    Hey there everyone! So, I've been working on this for a loooong time (two years and counting!), though the looooong probably comes in with my ADD tendecies... anyways. This is my own idea, and I started this before Days and BBS came out, leading to quite a few innacurate facts... I changed some...
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    ok. so off the top of my head... Axel: Today our mission is to look for Xion. Roxas: Really? Axel: No. I made it all up. Go back to bed. What do you think? roflmao moment Xion: Roxas, that's a stick. *faceplants* Roxas: Who else will i have ice cream with? at first- o_O wth? u ust...
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    Evil rumor about Axel

    im not exactly sure if anyone pointed this out yet but... youre all basing this on the japanese version. in the english one, its sounded like "lee". sooo... if you say it that way... (leaves conclusions to be drawn) EDIT: eh... srry i was to lazy to read down the page... but i can see it was...
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    (Spoilers) Memorable Quotes

    "Got it memorized?" -Axel "Lea." -Saix, talking to Axel. (i was all like... o_O) "Who will I have ice cream with?" -Roxas (so awkward and out of place, yet so filled with meaning. so sad... T_T) "You and me and all the members of the Organization are Nobodies." "That's rude." "With a...
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    KH 358/2 Days Manga

    *jaw drops* dang. thats... interesting. very interesting. wonder if i shoulda waited for the game first though... oh well. too late
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    Dead By Sunrise

    have any of you people out there heard of Dead by Sunrise? i was wondering if anyone else shares that intrest with me... just wanted to know, because to me they are the awesomest band ever (imo lol). EDIT: HNG. don't make a thread about two bands. I know in this case, they're related, but...
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    So who HASN'T played Days yet?

    I WANNA PLAY IT ALREADY DAMMIT! i HATE waiting....... *glares at calendar* i hate this... BUT I REALLY WANT IT!!!!!!!
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    Mystery Of Xion's Existence

    good point... i think its highly unlikely that Zexion created/brought Xion into existence. and i really doubt that the fact that Xion is in Zexion mena anything besides the fact that it just is. but still, ultima-demi, not all of us know, and i say thanks for not spilling the beans. else i...
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    The World Ends with You

    ok, lets just forget the fact that im 12 and that i dont feel like using proper grammar and punctuation now, ok? sheesh people. just drop the stupid topic! sooo... back to the real topic of this thread...
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    what would happen if you took the key chain of the kingdom key?

    but if you cant take it off and you have to put another keycahin on next to it, wouldnt that keychain still be there? thus meaning you probably have to take it off, or it somehow disappears and you only see the new keychain or whatever.
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    The World Ends with You

    directed to Silh: well, excuse m,e for being 12! im opinionated, and i happen to express myself freely. and if you or anyone has a problem with that, too bad! besides, i can be unsually smart/educated for someone whos 12 sometimes. sheesh. directed to bbsforever121: wat difficulty setting were...
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    Pre-Ordering Days

    yes. good point. simplicity at its best =]
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    Pre-Ordering Days

    i pre-ordered it from my gamestop where i live about, oh, lets see, in february, and they said they hold it for like 24 hours or so after the game is released. then they putit on the shelf for regular sale. i totallly pre-paid mine as well. like the whole thing. =]
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    Lit ► The Mortal Instruments

    gosh people! im suprised nobody started a thread for this yet! or if someone did... sorry i missed it. anyways, i think this is an awesome series. it kept me intrested all the way through. im still pissed at Valentine though... if anyone here has read these boooks, plz, share ur thoughts...
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    The World Ends with You

    yay! i just finished TWEWY in about, oh, lets say a week. and maybe a few days. shortest ever for me that i can remeberr. or maybe not... anyways, i liked it. except Joshua kinda creeped me out... his laugh was just odd. and i could swear that the way he acts is like kinda stuck-up-ish and, oh...