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  • Cool! Take your time. I haven't updated in a while because of school. And there are only three or four chapters up. But all the same school is slowing me down.
    Ahhh so that's why...YOU'RE NOT A NERD =]
    Once I got so bored I searched for chess online game and I played for 2 hours online chess...
    Yeah, so are you going on any other vacations this summer? Random question. xD
    No one calls me a nerd but my family and friends who don`t love KH get really really annoyed when I don`t stop talking about it. I try not to but I usually fail.
    lol, me neither, but my brother is still scared with my obessesion of KH. It freaks him out for some reason. XD
    I wasn`t going to actually kill him, but I did scream as loud as I could and scared him off until I finished the book.
    I did too. I almost killed my brother when he almost told me what happened.
    lol, while I was reading the last Harry Potter book I didn`t leave my room at all, except to eat and use the bathroom, and I finished it in 2 1/2 days and it`s 759 pgs. long.
    Ummmm, idk over 300, and I was the best reader from 3rd grade till I left the school.
    I love to read! In Elemantary school I was the top reader in my whole school.
    lol, I don`t play any sports. I`ve also been reading, reading, reading, listening to my ipod, visiting with family, listening to my ipod, reading, reading, reading, and finally. reading!
    Hmmm, not very much. I`ve just been hanging out at my house. How about you?
    lol! I`ve been having to go to all of these weddings and social events.
    Hi! I don`t get to talk to you very much anymore. Sorry about that. ^_^
    I just updated on the sequel. Just a heads up, and I plan to update like a week or so from now.
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