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Recent content by XIIIStarr

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    Roxas and Sora poll

    Roxas really doesn't look that much like Sora.
  2. X

    A problem with my Final Mix (?)

    Mushroom I is at the skyscraper where you fought Xemnas in the WTNW. If he's not there then try going through the final sequence again.
  3. X

    dudes n dudettes this is about the O13 data battles

    I have Final Mix, and you really need to be level 99 and have the Ultima Weapon. The Pride Rock thing isn't in Final Mix, so to level up fast, you need to equip all EXP boosters and the Gull Wing keyblade. Then, take away all of your party member's ability to heal you, and stay at critical...
  4. X

    Questions to those with KH2FM+

    To me Xaldin is the absoloute hardest. But Axel and Demyx are pretty hard too. The new area you have to go through to get to the data battles isn't that hard. I did it at level 70. It's actually pretty fun.
  5. X

    BBS with card system - Does this suck or not?

    Yes it sucks! Cards are okay I guess, but they are far too akward and tedious to fight with.
  6. X

    Petition For KHIIFM+ to come to America & EU

    Nomura said it himself. Final Mix games are only for Japan.
  7. X

    memory card + kh2fm+

    I have KH2 FM+ and it works on my memory card.
  8. X

    The Keyblade...

    Roxas's Oathkeeper and Oblivion were created with him and are entirely owned by him. They aren't the same as Sora's.
  9. X

    Who does Roxas look at?

    It wasn't Axel, Axel is much skinnier then that. And taller.
  10. X

    Who do you guys think is the worst member of organization 14?

    Zexion is NOT THE WORST!!! He's one of the BEST!!! It's just that his talents lie outside of battle. With his sense of darkness, he knew everything about everyone in the Organization. Plus, the fight with him in Re: Chain of Memories isn't canon. It's just an extra thing for the game...
  11. X

    Intro Video to game

    The KH2 opening is a summery of what happened in KH1 and Chain of Memories. As for the KH1 opening, I don't know what it has to do with anything.
  12. X

    Roxas/Sora battle

    If you watch the video of Sora and Roxas fighting, and pay real close attention, you'll see that Roxas could have hit Sora a couple of times because of his two keyblade advantage. I think he let Sora win, because compared to Sora, Roxas has much stronger abilities and is much faster. Why he...
  13. X


    Okay, so I have the code to turn Sora into Roxas, and the code to make Axel and ally, and I want to fight with just those two. How do I get rid of the third party member?
  14. X


    NOOO!!! Don't go to the official codebreaker site! They have no good codes. Go to Youtube and search for Kingdom Hearts 2 Codebreaker codes and some of those videos will have links to sites that give you all of the really good codes. Don't go the Official Codebreaker Site!! You'll just end up...
  15. X

    What's with all the KH2 hate?

    How can anyone call Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth, etc. not important characters? They give the game half of it's awsomness!