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  • OH Well allow me to expand on that a little then. It's a crossover between the Scarlet Spider and Venom comics, called Minimum Carnage. There's three covers revealed so far, so it'll be at least three issues long, and will jump between the two comics. Hits this October, and I'm hoping it's gonna be legit.
    Is it safe to assume you already know about this?

    I saw. It's a bit of a stretch though. He's a pretty obscure character, and most people look at Doc Oc as the founder/leader if the Sinister Six. And since this series is drawing its story from the Ultimate universe, if there's a Sinister Six, it'll be founded by Osborn. `3`
    Their is plenty wrong with Peter revealing himself to Gwen. It takes away the whole "tragic hero" bit that makes him so popular, & differentiates him from other heroes. Spider-man is much like the greek Titan Atlus, He has the whole world on his shoulders and noone to confine in With Stacey Gwen knowing his identity he has someone to share that burden with.
    Also Andrew Garfield gives off way to much of a hipster type swag to play Peter Parker, though casting i suppose is just personnel preference
    Well the film made me realize why i love spider-man so much, their are very few people who know the duality of Spider-man/peter parker, and the fact Gwen learns of Spider-mans identity really upset me because it gives peter/Spider-man someone to carry his burden, someone to lean on if you will, obviously Mary Jane finds out who he is much later on & many villians do as well depending on the continuality. The reason i disliked it is because EVERYONE hates spider-man he is constantly portrayed as a vigilante by media the media and the police, the opinion of the public is constantly swayed back and forth & yet despite this he always does whats right, now this can be said for other heroes as well but the majority of heroes have moral support from some supporting cast member from the get-go but not Peter, for a long time noone knows the trials and tribulations that his duality go through and while Peter may be given moral support from aunt may or other cast members, none of them truly understand what he goes through so their advice is always from the perspective of Peter not spider-man. This new movie broke that tradition waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to damn early. Also the plot was horridly predictable, im really referring to the death of Gwen's father :/
    just saw the new spider man movie, was pretty upset after watching, remembered you were just as big a Spidey fan as myself, have you seen it? If so i forsee a long intelligent discussion ahead.
    Oh LOL Nice use of the smileys to make one with headphones. xD
    I accidentally created one with the thumbs-up:
    Reason I find it godlike is because it's not some super serious, over emotional hero show like the rest. It has fun with it's character without being overly wacky. Peter has character and actually think of the thing he's doing and how they revolve around him as spider man and working on a team. Not to mention the new Nova is a total idiot compared to the old one but, he's young and learning which acts as Peter's foil and notion to get better. It's pure and simple fun without having to emotionally twist the viewer. It's great to have something along it's lines when your already dealt with many highly serious shows like Batman:TAS and Young Justice. IMO it's godlike and fun to watch.
    I hate Invasion, I hate Invasion, I hate Invasion, I hate Invasion, I hate Invasion...
    I was sighing because I didn't want to explain myself and figured it might be something more obvious to me as a girl who would act exactly like Lin in a situation like that. Not that you were stupid for not connecting the dots.

    If you think I'm condescending, it would be nice if you to bring it up to me in a VM rather than broadcasting it the thread.
    I'm addressing that topic now so you don't do it again. It distracts from people's conversation and derails the topic from lighthearted discussion to a ton of arguments. And it created two pages of people telling you to stop overreacting.

    And how does that make me condescending? I'm genuinely shocked you didn't catch on. I wasn't insinuating you were slow, at least not to my knowledge. So I'm telling you, you need to chill out because I'm not the only one who you've called condescending, nor is it the first time you have so either you're reading into our comments in a way we didn't intend to write them and causing misunderstandings or I have no idea what.
    Dude, no way have I been condescending.

    What is your deal lately? You said that to me when I was telling rac7d the Flash stuff wasn't a spoiler if you knew Flash lore. And with the Avatar stuff you've been really on edge. We're going to talk about the information we know in the thread. Everything we know is easily accessible via Nick.com or Korranation, or is easy to catch on to due to context, but you're treating it as if we've spoiled the entire series from public knowledge. If you don't keep up with what is going on from Nick.com, that's fine, but when you start complaining about people's posts when they have information you may have not known (but the majority has), you need to start questioning your own attitude.
    I'ma put this here because I don't want the thread to get derailed.
    I wasn't trying to be condescending. I'm sorry if you feel that way, but I honestly don't even get how you got a tone like that from my post. I was only asking a question.
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