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  • Holy shit Wtf is wrong with people

    It was fun talking to you this semester and I hope you don't think I think I'm above you because you became an economics major. Although you know from experience, hopefully it'll be a less stressful route for you and your future.
    It wasn't really because you would have taken offense to the comment. Just that I'm tired of seeing users on here go the path of somebody shutting down a certain topic even though there is potential for it to start a good discussion.
    Lopmon's always getting shafted. :'c

    Yeah, I hadn't watched it since the dub first aired. I'm surprised it was exactly as dark as I remembered it being when I was twelve lol. Def one of my favorite seasons.
    Oh, it's an OC. Just finished re-watching Tamers and I got on kind of a kick lol. Also, that's actually Lopmon~ Glorified recolor, but they're meant to be "twins", so whatever.
    i had to delete your post in the roll tide thread because you quoted that bot
    so please don't quote bots man, thanks
    It's from the Avengers Gag Reel, which I think is hilarious. It is essentially the bloopers from the movie lol xP I can't find the whole thing on Youtube, but I found it here:

    The Avengers Gag Reel
    i've said it like 5 times so if you can't read probably should take an english class or something i can't help you with that :3
    just in case you're left wondering i deleted your post in the sony all stars thread because while i appreciate the jab at edgemaverick being a manchild who can't keep his consoles for more than a few weeks, it doesn't really contribute much to the discussion and i'd rather the thread not devolve into edgemaverick crying about how everyone hates him
    I have nooo idea. :c

    I just found it in tumblr among a bunch of other avatar-sized Spidey pictures.
    Uhh...I'm pretty sure I posted it on your wall. I don't think you ever responded though.

    Anyway, I have two that deal with Sabaody:



    The second one is one of my favorite AMV's of all time.
    i need cash really bad, and i can get a nice $100 off of it, so...

    also, i really haven't picked it up since christmas, and i'm not a kh fan anymore. i figure i can always pick one up in the future, but right now, i really need the money.
    It WAS spectacular, but now it's become a vehicle to do crossovers with, and reading it means you have to read other comics to get the full story. I'd still recommend it though, because Flash is totally the best Venom, but only read up to Spider-Island, skip it, and then read more until he starts teaming up with Red Hulk/Ghost Rider/etc. (unless you want to, it just has nothing to do with Venom's story).
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