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    Aye AYE, whose the babe in your avatar?
    I must know :3
    aww the size is 1.5 Giga man that's a lot... hmmmm my comp really needs revamping
    lol XD personally I like to be a semi tanker hehe but I'm still figuring out how I download this game is it very large? O.O
    dude just registered in rohan it's Zenotha got to go now my dad's going to use the comp
    Rohan eh yah of course I'm in to MMORPG's a lot. do you know their website? but I can always google it hehe^^ ok I'll see what I can do...question how much is the cheapest graphics card? I don't use em and my graphics are killing me>.<
    hehe, i got 2 friends from the country too. .you can befriend them if you want. their avatars are moogles.

    btw, im from cebu,. . .U.??
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