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    I can't wait any longer

    I can't wait any longer, can some give a VERY long summury of Birt by Sleep. I can't find all of the translated clips in one spot and I can't wait any longer. So, can someone tell me the whole story please with all the surprises and spoilers. I would be VERY grateful.
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    Zexion/Ienzo Theory

    Ok, so we all know Ienzo looks like he is 9. And Zexion is like 19 or 20. And we also know nobodys don't age. So my theory is that when you do become a nobody you age a bit. That would also explain why Braig looks 5-15 years younger than Xigbar. Also IF Terra did become Xehanort that means he...
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    Braig shot his eye

    This is a small and bad theory but i was thinking while i played days as zigbar with his zero gear, that the Y combo button makes him shoot at the floor next to his feet. This shows that he is a little careless when he shoots(maybe he has shot himself in the foot) Also why didn't braig ever heal...
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    Which do you like more

    I was wondering which secret ending do you like more and why. I like the deep dive because the black coats look cooler then the armor ( i still like the armor though) . And the battle looks way more epic. Here is another side another story/ deep dive YouTube - Kingdom Hearts - Another Side...
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    how to get them

    i have seen gameplay of both sora and micky and i read that you get them after beating the game. I have beaten it on standered and proud but i haven't gotten them. Are they even in the American version.
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    ansem reports

    So in KHI the reports aren't secret but are in KH2. So in KHI did Xehanort right the reports because it says how he talked to mickey and things like that. But in KHII it says how xehanort wrote 1 to 8 and ansem the wise wrote only #0 (is there anywere to read that?) so did Xehanort write only 1...
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    I understand all the orgs' titiles (the gambler of fate), but for no. V lex what is the hero in silent hero mean i understand the silent part because he dosen't talk much, so do you think he did something as apprentice for Ansem the wise in BBS
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    Why not?

    Why didn't the org 13 take the 7 Poh, they already had kiri. And if they did get the 7 PoH they could of all teamed up on Sora and kill him
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    mind speaking

    In the reverse/rebirth part when zexion realizes the smell is riku, like a second after zexion gasps lex pops up. Did Lex since something the seconde zex realized it was riku or did he tll him like threw mind
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    axel caring about sora

    In CoM Larxene says your intreasted in sora and he said because his strong heart. But did he really care because he already knew roxas. Dumb question but i was wondering what you people think
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    Moved while sleeping?

    In the end of COM sora goes to sleep. But was it in CO or The Mansion. It must be CO because riku saw him in reverse/rebirth. But if he was in CO how was he moved to the mansion while he was sleeping??
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    sora with IKK

    I was watching the kh2 opening song and i saw when sora was fighting in CO that his keyblade was gold. When i first saw this a few years ago i thought it was to make it look cool. what do you all think.
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    I was on youtube and while watching a clip it said that terra was kiri's dad, ven is sora's dad, and that Aqua is riku's mom. Does anyone know if this is true?