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  • Lots of people saying KZ2, not surprised though.

    The two R&C games are fun, I think that you will enjoy them.

    FF versus XIII looks awesome, just need some more interviews, cutscene videos, or gameplay.
    Just kinda going around asking questions, what games are you getting in later time?
    Nah I don't. I think MySpace is retarted and deleted mine about a year ago. That's why I stick with facebook.
    I have GTA4, Call of Duty 4, LittleBigPlanet,Madden 2009, NBA 2K9 and Street Fighter 2 HD Remix. I have more but those are all the multiplayer ones I can think of. But yeah, anytime you wanna hit up GTA4, let me know and if I have time I'll show you a thing or two haha.
    jjmusicman....and I have Warhawk (awesome game), LittleBigPlanet (awesome game) and MetalGearSolid4 (haven't played it yet because I'm playing the other MGS games first...but I hear it's an awesome game lol)
    You said you could do my Sig but couldn't download the fonts. If you have a cursive style font and a print font then you can do it.I'm not that picky.
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