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  • Oh and i have a few pics of me on my profile if you wish to see what i look like... lol you dont have to or anything
    Hahaha yup i totally get it, it took me a while to tell some of my friends here like Iridium and Nazofire, but it dont bother me, feel free to still PM me stroy stuff i can still critique it, with or with out knowing your name lol ;D
    Mostly my own masterpieces, but i can become unorganized =( thus i got to start over, haha would you mind contacting me via cell phone, well texting cuz i mean if you really wanna get in depth with all our writing styles and such that would be easier, either you can Private Messege me and i can get ahold of you or vice versa, just lemme know!
    Hiya and welcome, feel free to consult me if you want me to critique your writings, im a bit of a writer myself, plus my dads a comicbook artist/ screenplay writer so well i know about writing and drawing
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