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  • the worlds not confirmed i tell you voice actors only wt i know if world confirmed why would i open this conversation then
    You posted on your own page again.

    Your believing that way to easily. Nothing in the way or worlds have been confirmed or mentioned at all. You can't have an confirmed VA list for worlds that's not even been confirmed.
    KH3 is still very early in development, so early that Nomura didn't even want to show a trailer. That alone shows what your saying isn't that far along yet.
    not that bro ben the main character of TP not KMDDD anyway many ppl posting like thats confirmed and that to chick yourself
    Your not lying but you've been misinformed. There's been no official confirmations on voice actors. Also if you mean Ben as in the voice actor of YX that's an obvious fact.
    There's bee no VA list given but it's only logical he'd return when the character he voiced in DDD will.
    It's a good movie but how it'd work in KH3 depends on how they do it.

    Who? Zack was a final fantasy character.

    Sorry to tell ya but no list for the VAs of KH3 has been shown yet. If there was anything official it'd be on here as well. Two staff members live near where such news comes fast and they always report it.
    So far the two trailers to KH3 is all that's been shown or revealed. Thats it.
    Woot ya got it! =D

    I'm not sure how well Treasure Planet would work but if it's done well I wouldn't mind it myself.

    Sadly nothing much is confirmed yet.
    You posted it on your own page. See in the top right of my message were it says "View Conversation"?
    Click that and post there and it'll show up on my page so I don't miss it. ^_^

    Well a lot of it is two factors. The first is most details actually important are in interviews rather than the game. The second reason is because many "fans" stubbornly refused to play something that wasn't on a console or lacking the number 3.
    The ones that couldn't get the handheld titles used youtube but the fans I speak of didn't even bother with that.

    lol I know. Everyone you see sitting in those chairs at the end of DDD is a SoD.
    cool and btw yeah kinda sad ppl still confused of the game when it became better if u understand it and ppl still saying YX is terra lol omg those ppl need KMDDD
    lol Damn that's just sad. If people are still saying that then they obviously didn't pay attention to Days.

    lol Had to move it here. My pm box was almost full.
    Also since your new, if you don't know how the vm's work then when you see this click the "View Conversation" in the top right of my message and you'll be taken to our own discussion page. =D
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    You've revived a few old threads and double-posted (and even triple-posted) more than a few times already. We have a policy not to revive threads older than 3 to 6 months, and making multiple posts in succession on a same thread is discouraged. Please heed the warnings you have been given.

    This is your final warning, so please do your best to comply with the rules!
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