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    Huge question about Roxas the org and Kingdom Hearts

    Roxas was a nobody, who just like the rest of the nobodies in the org, who wanted to be real, or to exist. Saix said that each heartless slain by the keyblade adds to kingdom hearts (as long as they collect the hearts). Once kingdom hearts is full of hearts, they can use the power to make...
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    Lmfao Halloween Town Lol!

    Lol I just saw that scene again, you know the end of halloween town second visit when Sora imagines he's dancing with kairi. Lol Sora is like 2x as big as her. It's so funny. Like an adult with a child lol. Dunno I just saw that scene again and burst laughing
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    Valor or Wisdom?

    Which of the two forms do you prefer overall? Which of the two forms would you prefer to use agaisnt a boss? Which of the two forms would you prefer to use agaisnt multiple heartless? I have to say I prefer Wisdom over Valor, This is just because casting fire pwns to much arse when fighting...
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    Goofy's intelligence!?

    Is it just me, or did Goofy become the smartest of the three. I mean Goofy noticed Mulan was trying to be a boy, he knew that meg an Herc had something going on, and he hinted on Belle and Beast being togather. lol I just thought that was funny. Also when Sora says "Play nice you two" to belle...
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    Regarding IGN's Review, Read and Calm Down

    Now I know many of you guys are pissed, however the guy did have some points. This game became more of a Button Mashing game then a stragety and tactic fight game. That's what I love about the first Kingdom Hearts. When you had to fight Sephy you were like thinking the entire time "O SHIET...
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    Kingdom Hearts Ending

    I posted this before but here it is refined. I remember the scene where you beat riku in the one on one battle in hollow baston. And then Sora stabs himself and the music goes off and falls and disappears into Kairi's hands. When I saw that scene (my friends where over cuz they thought I was...
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    COMPLETED: Europeans getting Kingdom Hearts 2 on March 28, here's how!

    Before you read this I need to make a very important note. Swap Magic, slide tool, flip top, and mod chip only can NOT run the english NTSC kingdom hearts 2 alone, you need to convert the game into PAL first. The main problem when importing the english Kingdom Hearts 2, is the fact that it is in...
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    Europeans - Getting KH2 On March 28th

    Hmm I made it complex before, so here are some simple and through instructions on converting your game. (The prices signify what's the most you should pay wheter you do or do not have an item) 1. Buy Magic Slide kit (this entail the Magic and Swap Magic best combo ever! buy here 620 in stock)...
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    POLL: Was there a better place for the game to end???

    When I played Kingdom Hearts the first time around and got to the part Where sora unlocks his heart via Riku's keyblade, Every single person in the room for the next couple of minutes were pouring their eyes out in rivers of tears (everyone but me that is... heh heh I'm a tough one heh heh...
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    For all those suffering Europeans!!! I have not GOOD but SPECTACULAR news for you!!!!

    I hope this will end all those threads and make the Europeans happy. I've been posting this for a while, but I've never made a thread on it, hopefully this will catch every Europeans eye! (if you don't want to read the background info scroll down to HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS, except it's bolded...