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Recent content by worldcup06final

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    The "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread - Euro Launch!

    just got it last one in shop
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    rpg offline

    why is the rpg offline for:confused:
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    what do you think of razorlights new album ithink its brilliant i think the best song on it is america.
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    monster hunter

    anybody play monster hunter. i just got it last week and am on the 3 star quest and am about to go on the 4 star quest.I am also going to get monster hunter freedom next weekend.
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    northern ireland v finland

    Northern ireland just beat finland 2-1 and healy scored his 20 goal on his 50 cap and he was captian for the night:thumbsup:
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    the premiership winner's

    who do you think will win the premiership this season my moneys on chelsea with there new players espically micheal ballack.
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    Favorite minor character?

    haven't played kh2 because I live in the uk but I think it would be jack sparrow