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    Punk's Not Dead!

    I haven't seen a thread on Punk before so I thought I'd make one. Let's have a discussion on your favorite Punk bands and why you enjoy it so much or how it has impacted your life etc. etc. Yes, ska is allowed also. Some of my favorite Punk bands are: The Casualties The Exploited Subhumans...
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    ish mah brithday

    Yeah. Today is my birthday and I went to Disneyland and tried the sea-salt ice cream. Happy birthday to other people too. And then tomorrow is my Un-Brithday too.
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    Help Me Please

    so im doing a project for english and i need help. we can get people to help us so i thought that this would be a good place. we just make a magazine and pretend if we did something amazing so mine is Make up artist. and i need you guys to like help me. you can make stuff up but make sure it...