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  • Oh Yeah I used to watch the show ritualisticaly on adult swim like every night. My mom would be lke why are you so tired and I'd be like because... Big O and she'd be like what? I'd just yell showtime and get ready for school.
    Majorly so. I am liking how this season is looking. Not only for the Steelers, but also because of all the upsets this year make it more interesting than usual to watch.
    Well, too bad the Broncos caved in. Still though, they are a top team and the Steelers shall bring them down a notch. And as u said, with Troy back in we should be much better. This season after the super bowl is much better than the last time we won XD
    Hey William... Sorry for those comments on that theory... I think I OVERPASSED IT ... welp Im sorry . nothing more to add thanks
    Exactly. Their defense is getting back in shape and the offense is really good this year now that we have a better line to protect Ben.

    Gotta say though, wasn't expecting competition from the Bengals though this year for the division XD Maybe the Ravens, but not them. Personally I say the Bengals are gonna fizz out imo.
    Names Daxma William. Surely you remember me now, from the Future KH section where i keep contradicting what you say XD I agree about KHV aswell. The spammers have ruined it and scared off all the good members i.e; Sarah, Kyle, DestinyStar,etc (i don't expect you to know the names XD). I find this place kind of better than KHV because people seem slightly more social and less obnoxious.
    Born and raised a Steeler fan XD My whole family is from there, so even though I am Florida born I didn't have much choice XD

    6 super bowls, going for 7 I say ^^;;
    from you having diego armando in your avatar, i can say that you either like him or trials and tribulations, correct?
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